Saturday, April 27, 2013

family photos

I'm too lazy to look, but did I confirm that we are heading off to transplant on June 10?  If not, I'm confirming that.  We still haven't figured out how we're getting there (airplane, car, horse, hand cart...), but we'll be working on getting that hashed out between now and then.

Meanwhile, I have a checklist of things I want to get done before I go.  One of them is I want a current family photo.  The reality is that this could be our last chance to do that and I don't want to miss out on having something as precious as a last family photo.  (Though, I don't believe it will be our last photo because Emma is going to get better from her transplant!)

Since we're trying to save money for the transplant, and I love photography, how hard could it be for me to take some myself with a remote control?

<insert my not-smiling-face here>

Why do I never learn?  Actually I kind of had learned from the last time, but I assumed that I'd be able to get at least one good photo...

<insert my glaring-at-you-as-though-it's-somehow-your-fault face>

So, I managed to get all the kids out of their pajamas, brushed their hair (oops, except for TS!), and got them outside.  It was amazingly difficult to get them to sit on the blanket.  They'd sit, get up and walk away, we'd get them sat back down while another one was busy doing something else.

Short story version:  It was very frustrating.

I tried positioning them nicely, but that didn't go so well, so I gave up.

I had thought "Oh yay!  It's an overcast day, that means everyone will be able to look at the camera without squinting."  That didn't happen either.

So, what you see below is the progression throughout our amazingly-not-professional photography session...

Violet looks so adorable in the one above!

I thought I smiled more than this...

In case you hadn't noticed, Rhys was mad in all those photos.  She did not want to sit down and was very upset that we were being so mean as to have her sit with the family...for a family photo.

Photos above, I was feeling very frustrated (they weren't listening, kept getting up and walking away, kept putting their arms above their heads like they were on a rollercoaster ride, etc...).  Plus the camera was being weird with the remote, so that was frustrating.

Photos below, I decided to be done worrying about it.  Clearly it wasn't going to go as desired, so why care?  Everything was suddenly very funny.  (sorry for the brightness of some of them.  I didn't spend much time editing as they aren't going to be hanging on my wall!)

Maybe this one should be our family might think Rhys is missing, but she's not.  You can see her legs (pink shoes) under my legs).

Then this one could be our "couples" photo.  Can't you feel the passion?

So...that didn't go so well.

Though, I did take the best expressions from three photos and combined them into one:

Then I thought, "Oh, we can get better photos in the house!"

<shaking my head>

I've discovered there are some rules that you should follow when sitting on the couch together:

(a) Don't sit up as high as you can if you're husband isn't doing it too.  Because somehow it makes you look like a ginormous giant.  Tyler is four inches taller than me and weighs about 35 lbs more than me.  But I feel like I look equal to his size...normally he's noticeably a larger person than me.

(b)  Sit on the larger couch.  That way the children on the ends don't look so squished.

(c)  Pay attention to the baby's expression... Six photos in a row, and Ella had a funny face in each one (makes me and Emma laugh out loud looking through them!):

Ella was about to fall asleep!  We were out of time (as the next 10 photos included her nursing...).

Anyway, photos are upcoming.  This was just attempt one.  The attempt that teaches us all the ways to do it wrong while making funny memories in the process.

I think it'll work much easier when my sister or niece or friend is on the other end!

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