Monday, June 10, 2013

catch up...driving days 2 and 3

Day 2 of our trip:

We woke up in our first hotel, and Ella entertained us with her cuteness.  She's washing her feet off:

As you can see, they were busy getting ready.

We were kind of lazy with the mornings.  We took it slow and relaxed.  

Then we drove a lot and arrived at a hotel outside of Nashville.  We found Tennessee to overall be a surprisingly gorgeous state!

Ella likes to point:

Then we arrived at a really fun hotel...

Emma wanted to pull luggage in too...until she realized she didn't have energy for it.  So, Kyrie pulled it the rest of the way.  :)  Hehe.  I found it rather entertaining!

I should have taken more pics, but I didn't.  It was a pretty nice room.  It was fun to stay at some nice places to give Emma an extra fun time before all of this.

The lady at the front desk found out we were on our way to transplant (since I told her when she commented on Emma's hair), and she responded with giving us free dinner and breakfast.  Everyone was super nice.  There was a hearing impaired worker who stopped and talked to Emma too.  She stared at them all like they were crazy (geesh!), but they were super sweet for reaching out to her.

DAY 3 of driving:
Then we left the hotel and went on our third and final day of driving.  We had a time zone change that worked in our favor, and it was a relief to finally arrive in Cincy.  The whole trip seemed a little surreal.  We knew we were driving to transplant, but it didn't really feel like it.  Honestly, on day 5 (that it currently is), it still doesn't feel real.

Nothing super exciting to share about our drive.  When we got close to Cincy, I started feeling the nervous butterflies again.  It was different to actually be there.

We've decided if Portland, Oregon and Dallas, TX had a baby, it would be Cincinnati...except that Cincinnati is a really old version.  It has a much older feel than the other cities.

We are currently at a hotel, where we've been staying, and will stay, until we are able to move to the Ronald McDonald House.  They don't have any room at the moment.  So, we are having to wait.

Ella was being a cutie pie in the car with Kyrie while I checked in the hotel:

We discovered we are only a mile away from Wal-Mart, and with all the stuff we didn't bring, we decided to go and get some stuff to make our stay easier.  We also thought this was frightening:

That ends the update on the driving.  We drove through a really GORGEOUS part of Tennessee on our second day of driving.  It was breathtakingly gorgeous.  I still think about it!  It reminded me kind of of something out of LOTR's...only not.  The weather was perfect too - cloudy and rainy and foggy in all the right spots.  We keep wondering what it would look like on a sunny day.  Anyway, I don't know if I've seen such a pretty place!

I have more to update on, but I'm going to break it up into a different entry.  I'm hoping to get caught up and then update daily.  We'll see how that goes.  Ella needs attention, and I keep accidentally falling asleep at know, since it's night and all.

Speaking of which, I have a fussy baby in the shower with Emma.  I'm going to try to get her to sleep and hopefully catch up on yesterday and today!  

Thank you all for the emails, messages, comments, and letters.  I am definitely hoping to respond to them, but I keep getting more and more behind as time goes by and I never seem to get time.  :)  For those who have contacted me (however you've done it), please know we appreciate it!  I think I'll have more time soon.  

More to come!

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