Wednesday, June 19, 2013

mailing addresses & donation info

Since we've left for transplant, we've received a lot of messages asking for our mailing address, plus several have wanted to know how they can donate financially to help with the cost of Emma's transplant.  I thought I'd answer both questions here:

If you want to send mail to Emma, Ella, Kyrie (my niece), Ani (my sister), or me, here's the address:

RMH of Cincinnati
Attn: <Insert name> Room #62
350 Erkenbrecher Ave
Cincinnati, OH  45229

**As of this moment, there are no restrictions for what type of things Emma can have.  Once she starts her transplant, there are restrictions, but I don't know what they are!  I'll have to find that out - or maybe post transplant parents reading this can leave a comment explaining what those are?**


If you want to send mail to Tyler, Tyler Jr, Violet, or Rhys, here's the address:

Tyler & Kids
PO Box 1156
Anna, TX 75409



It feels very strange to be in a position to need these.  By default we feel like saying, "Oh don't worry about it!", but truthfully, this costs a lot having our family split in two.  So, despite it feeling very strange to us, we gladly accept any financial donations.  Any way you want to donate is fine by us. 

We have PayPal:

Or checks written to "Tyler or Teresa Clifton" and mailed to either address above will work as well.



Also, for those who are local, our friends have all come together to put together a big garage sale/bake sale fundraiser.  They have put flyers up around town, put it in the newspaper, and have even put it on the radio.  If you're local and want to go, here is the info:

Can you read that?  The image looks really small, but I'm not sure how to make it bigger on this app I'm using to write on my blog!


Thank you everyone for everything.  :)


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