Saturday, June 29, 2013

the ZOO

It would appear my previous post didn't show all the videos.  They are on our FB page if you wanted to watch them.  I'll remember to include links more.

About a week ago we went to the zoo.  We have been cautious being around people, but if you're out in a lot of open air, and you are able to avoid crowds, it's quite safe.  We checked with our hem/onc, and they said it was fine to go to the zoo, if we avoid crowds and avoid indoors.

The zoo was right down the street from us.  We also got free tickets from the RMH.  We parked in their overflow parking lot and then didn't know where to go from there.  We had no idea where the actual zoo was (because we're cool like that).  We stood at the entrance of the parking lot for a minute, waiting to see where other people went.  T.

We've been told how dangerous the city is around the RMH, but no one killed us.  So, that's always a plus.

We were able to go right in, avoiding the LONG line.  And, of course, the day we chose to go to the zoo, it also happened to be an educational day with lots of school kids (or groups of kids from somewhere...isn't school out?).

We saw the elephants first...

Then we walked by their little gift store thingy and decided we wanted hats.  We're quite fair skinned and didn't want to burn.  Emma needs to avoid the sun too...

Obviously that meant we needed to buy the girls some stuffed animals too.

Emma was in stuffed animal heaven (notice how we were told to avoid indoors and we are indoors.  It was quite a big open building and we avoided people).

And these were the final choices for our hats...we quite liked them:

We were in the bamboo forest here, though, it doesn't look as awesome in the photo as it really was.

I like how Emma is showing off her tiger and Ella has no hat on anymore.  She would only wear it for short periods of time.

Kyrie was looking gorgeous in her little hat too.  :)

She was reading something out of it.  (Here we were waiting for the train.)

And, some pics...

I like Kyrie's expression in this one:

I also like how Emma is almost hidden in the sea of big hats...

Kyrie and I had fun doing the, "Yeah, people here keep saying how hot it gets."  We snicker.  "Hot?!  This is cool!  We're from Texas!"  As we pull out our little fan and spray bottle to cool ourselves and rest in the shade because it's too hot.

Sure, it's hotter in Texas.  It's also quite humid in Texas.  But, we don't like it when it's this "cool" in Texas either.  So, just because it gets way hotter in Texas doesn't mean we like it when it's super humid and 90 degrees in Cincinnati.  You know?  But we felt the need to pretend like we thought it was almost cold outside.

Here's Kyrie on our way back out to the car.  After the train ride, it seemed to suddenly be super busy.  We both suddenly felt a little freaked out at our inability to avoid the crowds.  Emma got tired, so I carried Ella and Kyrie pushed Emma.

Kyrie got to see her favorite red pandas.  Heard of them?  If not, you can learn about them here:

Then we walked back to the parking lot.  We may have struggled slightly to get back out of the zoo, but it was nothing that a little walking couldn't fix.  It was entertaining when some people kind of started following us, and it was obvious they didn't know where they were going either.

No one killed us on our way back out to the parking lot either.  So, we thought that was cool.


Now back to current time.  This photo was taken a couple days ago with my nice camera.  I finally have an easy way to get my photos downloaded from it, so I'll probably use it more often again.

Right now, we're just kind of hanging out and waiting.  On Monday she gets lots of blood/platelets, then central line on Tuesday, along with an ovary removal.  She'll be admitted for a couple days.  Then we'll be back out, I'm guessing.  I can't imagine they'd keep her in there the whole time!

I'll try to write a more recent update with our current goings on soon.

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