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I finally have acomputer to use.  It's been driving me a little nutty!  I'm hoping this will make it easier to update the blog regularly, as well as respond more individually on FB.  FB is a lot easier to update.  If you aren't already following over on our FB page, here's the link:

This past week wasn't too busy.  We had Emma's rbc transfusion on Tuesday.  Then we had Wednesday off, but I seriously can't remember that day.  I don't think I could the day after...haha!  Ella keeps waking up really early, making it hard to get enough sleep (especially because I don't always go to bed super early!).

Thursday we had a few was consent forms for studies, another was financial, and the last was to meet our social worker.  There were some consent forms.  Two required Emma's signature, which she thought was funny.

After we did that, the financial lady came in to go over our insurance and how that all works.  They thought it would be boring for Emma, so they decided to get her a craft or something.  Instead, they came back with a clown (Paul).  He was really funny:

He would go around, entertaining the kids.  He had Emma for about 45 minutes, maybe more.  He started off with her with us and was teaching her how to hold a spinning plate on her finger.  Then he gave her a peacock feather and was teaching her how to hold it on the palm of her hand.  Then he was juggling with with her later on.  He was really chatty and loud and funny and entertaining.  I thought Emma would be too shy, but she wasn't at all!  Once she started doing it and doing really good with it, she didn't want to stop.

He had her out in the waiting room and had her perform for the people in there.  She loved it.  It was so cute.  I don't know if these videos work for those of you not on Facebook, but they block YouTube here at the RMH, so I can't upload them there for you to see.

Here she is first learning:

Used my phone's cellular network to upload to YouTube, but I can't watch these to see if they'll work!  Let me know if they don't.  :)

In the waiting area:

I watched, as well as did my meetings.  A little mix of both.

By the end of it, Emma was in love.  She wants to be a circus performer, I think!

She didn't want to leave him and wanted to do this stuff all day.  When we walked up to the tranpslant unit to check it out, Emma performed her peacock feather trick in front of everyone waiting for the elevator (Paul was no longer there, she just wanted to).  People thought it was fun.

We toured the transplant floor, but the only thing she seemed to notice was that I was holding her peacock feather, and she wanted it back.  (I had warned her to keep hold of it in the tranpslant unit, but she wouldn't, so I told her i'd give it right back as soon as we were out).  It was a bit weird/surreal to see the transplant floor and to know that very soon that floor will be come very familiar.

We went back downstairs and Emma performed whenever she could.  We ran back over to the RMH and she performed several times for people.  Some people stopped and watched and commented on how awesome it was.  Then others didn't seem too interested.  I loved it when people took the time to pay attention.

We sat down for lunch and was talking so much about it and couldn't stop.  Paul had invited us to a circus camp that he was doing the next day.  He said that there would be a lot of kids there.  Obviously Emma can't go to that right now, but I wanted her to get to do that!

We were eating lunch and talking about it, and I told her we weren't going to be able to go to it right now but maybe when she's done with transplant, we could look up those circus guys that he mentioned lived near our home, and we could see about some activities with them.

She seemed disappointed but okay with it.  Then a little while later, I looked at her, and she was trying so hard not to cry.  When I asked her about it, she couldn't hold it in and was crying pretty hard over it.  I held her for a while and she cried for a while.

Watching her cry over it, I was about to burst.  My heart broke for her.

We've since contacted Paul, and we've learned quite a bit more about medical clowns and what they do.  I find it rather fascinating and really amazing...especially after seeing how Emma responded to them.

We ended up going back to the hospital a different day and she played with them some more.  They gave her a stick and bowl to spin.  We've had fun with it too.  :)

Ani taking a turn with the spinning plate:

If you've never heard of medical clowning, it's really quite interesting.  Here are some videos that explain it really well.  These are links Paul sent that we thought were neat:

(sorry, I can't get access to YouTube at the here's the link):

Then another one:

Circus Mojo's Circus Wellness (™) PechaKucha from Paul Miller on Vimeo.

Pretty neat people do that for kids.  Here's their FB page:

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