Sunday, July 7, 2013

our hair!

I honestly barely remember this conversation (was very sleep deprived), but Emma wanted us to color our hair the same colors as hers so that when her hair falls out, she can still see the color in our hair.

So, of course we did!

Here's the process (and, I must say, the support on Facebook was awesome and so funny!):

This is us before:

Here's Ani.  She had black bangs and black under her hair in the back.  Then the rest was dyed a red brown color.

Then me.  I haven't done anything crazy to my hair in forever.  Just dyed it brown for a while.

To remind everyone, this is the look-ish that we are going for:

Step One:  Since we have dark hair, we bleached it.  Mine got bleached straight away.  Ani's got stripped first with some stripping thing.  Then we bleached it for a shorter amount of time.  Her hair had black on it and also had been damaged quite a bit, so we were trying to avoid too much bleach.

Then we washed it out when it looked light enough.  It was different lengths of time for both of us

Then we dried it...and it all got very ugly.

Usually my hair dries awful...but this was special.  It was extra awful.  Ani and I could not stop laughing.  My sides were hurting from laughing so hard and so much.  It seriously looked awful.  We felt totally white trash (not that there is anything wrong with being white trash, of course).
Then we couldn't stop laughing over this photo.  Ani doesn't even look like herself.  Like AT ALL.  Then me...not sure what expression this was, except I was making some type of expression.  It was 2am, though, and we were tired, so we went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, a little part of me wondered if maybe it had all been a dream.  Maybe Ani and I really hadn't bleached all our hair into hideous shades of brass.  Maybe. It. Didn't. Really. Happen.

Oh...but, it did:

Doesn't she look like a precious angel?

Yeah, well, she's not.

So, we eventually continued our coloring.  Kyrie was our errand girl.  We weren't leaving the room with our hair like this, so she brought our food to us.  Wasn't that so nice?

At this point we're thinking this was our only hope of looking like a normal person again.  We had no real idea of what it would all look like by the end.  We knew we were doing it mostly right, at least, after having watched my hair stylist do Emma's hair originally.

We had no idea if all of Ani's hair was going to fall out...or if mine would too.  But yet, we didn't really care.

Then we rinsed it out in the sink, conditioned it, rinsed it again, blow dried it and styled it:

Here's my final product:

Do you see that spot in the front, in my bangs, near my scalp?  It might look like the light is shining on it, but it's actually a spot that got missed with color.  There were a few spots we missed.  So, we ended up redoing the pink the next day and now the pink seems ultra pink (as seen in the group shot).

Here's Ani:

Here's three of us today at the hospital:

We definitely get stares.  When we were walking outside some, a lady stopped at a stop light opened her car door and yelled "Who did your hair!"  We told her we did.  She told us it looked really good.  Then we had a group of nurses chat with us about our hair.  Some people look like they think we're crazy, but that's okay!  We are.

Walking outside (Emma couldn't walk fast enough due to her surgery, and we were late, so Ani carried her):

You can't really see it, even though you see the back of Ani's hair, but we have teal in the back on the under side.  Here's a shot that Emma took while Ani and I were coloring Kyrie's hair.  I like to think it looks better in real life, but I don't really know.

I should have done this a LONG time ago.  Well, not the crazy colors but the bleaching.  It nicely damaged my hair to give it lots of body and make my hair WAY easier to do.  Each time I have a baby, I lose lots of hair.  It grows back, but in the meantime (like right now, after Ella's birth) it feels super thin.  So...if you're in similar shoes, bleach your hair!  Then color it however you want, but the bleaching really gives it body.  At least it has for me.  It's not nearly and silkly smooth as it was, and in my case, it's a good thing.  It makes it less flat.

And, Kyrie's final result.  I'm not sure if it's obvious, but her hair is purple like ours and then teal in the back (no pink):

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