Sunday, July 21, 2013

Today home health came. Emma had a dressing change for her c-line because the dressing had pulled up, exposing the area where her c-line goes into her chest.

Rhys (3) really wanted to sit with us, which meant she had to wear a mask like the rest of us, which she happily did.

She wouldn't stop giving me kisses...through the mask. It was very cute and funny.

Emma got pretty emotional and cried a lot during the dressing change and for awhile afterwards. She is super homesick & doesn't want Dad to leave, which he's doing sooner so that he can come back later. He wishes he could stay the whole time.

She cried quite a bit, wishing she wasn't sick and could be home and be like everyone else. It was pretty heartbreaking.

She's a tough girl. She's had a lifetime of dealing with too much medical stuff. It'll be nice to be on the other side with a healthy Emma.

We promised her when she's allowed, we'll travel the world and go see & do whatever she wants. She's had a compromised immune system for years and it'll be a whole new life to live like normal. Disney World is top on the list.

 Wish I could take away all her pain and do it for her. ;(

Then later that night, Rhys fell asleep sitting next to us.

Later on, I got some texts from TS.  He's staying at my sister's house, with Violet, several hours from home.  My sister (a hair stylist) had just cut his hair by my request because his hair was getting ridiculously long.  He was really excited to show me his hair.

So, he sent me this text of himself:

Doesn't his hair look great?  What do you mean you can't see it very well?  hehe...that's what I thought too.  So I asked him if he could send another one, holding the iPad up a little more so I could see more of his hair.

This is what he sent:

And another attempt:

hehe.  It made me giggle.  He's so cute.  Leslie ended up facetiming and showing me his hair.  It was still all wet, so it's a little bit hard to see what it'll look like.  But, seriously, when you have hair like he did (below) it doesn't take much to look a LOT better!

His poor hair.  This is officially the longest his hair ever was (above).  Now the sides and back are all nicely trimmed.  I'd take a pic and show it, but I CAN'T, since I'm not there.  :(

And, here is my gorgeous Violet that my arms miss holding:

I can't wait to hold my babies again.

Time to rinse my hair.  We're recoloring tonight!

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