Sunday, April 20, 2014

baby playmat

While I was chillaxin today, Rhys was digging in her closet, and found this (that's Tyler in the photo, not case you were confused):

She thought it was the coolest toy ever.

The only problem was, it was stored folded in half and snapped closed.  She had no idea it opened up like it does in the photo above.

So, she walked around, wearing it like a diaper:

Ella, being the wanna-be-Rhys-and-wanting-to-do-and-play-with-everything-Rhys-touches, had to have her turn...of wearing the baby playmat as a diaper.

It started off mildly insane:

And got worse:

And, then somehow, Ella came off victor over some stuffed giraffe:

The first photo (with Tyler and the playmat being laid open) happened after all of these photos above.  When Rhys saw that it opened up and she could sit and play on it, she gasped in shock.

Meanwhile, it was time for the kids to go to bed.

So, Rhys did what any good child would do.

She took the playmat to sleep on.

But, first, she had to do the obligatory licking of the mirror (pretty sure she was being a cat):

(Doesn't Ella's hair curl so cute?!!)

Rhys and Ella love this toy.  It seriously makes them behave like they are insane people.  And, no, Rhys didn't get to sleep on it tonight.

Anyway, so that was quite an entertaining part of the evening!

Earlier today, we went on another bike ride.  The kids rode in the bike trailers, as usual.  I had Emma and Violet in mine this time.  Usually I have Tyler and Rhys.  Emma and Violet thought it was fun to ride with me "even if you don't go as fast as daddy does".

This was after our ride.  Ella had fallen asleep:

Then she woke up:

And, then she cried:

Here's Violet and Emma:

Then they played outside in the new-sanded sand table.  :)

In case you missed my post on FB, Emma's BK virus levels have increased tremendously.  The BK virus is the one that caused her to have lots of bleeding in her bladder after transplant.  Her kidney levels are borderline, almost in the high range (meaning they are getting closer to showing signs they aren't functioning properly).  So, we are a little concerned about that.

You can read the whole FB post here, if you missed it:

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