Thursday, April 24, 2014


I walked into the living room to see Ella sitting on the coffee table.

Next to her was the container of cereal.

She was sticking it onto her face while she ate an adorable little slob...or a young child whose mother was in the other room for too long.

I can't handle this little girl sometimes!  I love her personality.  So silly and sweet!


We asked Violet to put away a coloring book that was in our room.  She gladly did but didn't notice there were colored pencils in it, and they spilled on the ground as she was walking out.

This was the aftermath.  A laying-in-the-same-spot-not-moving little Violet.
She fell over and laid that way for a few minutes and then got up and put them away.

It cracked me up.

Kids are so silly!

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