Friday, April 18, 2014

cutting their hairs...

Believe it or not, I did narrow down the photos to just a "few", but there are still far too many of them.

Ella's hair was pretty scraggly.  (Straggly?  Both?)  So, I decided it was time to do a nice trim.  She was so cute.  I could hardly stand it.  I don't know what's wrong with this girl, but she was born knowing how to put on the charm.  haha.

Some before photos (I suppose I could have brushed her hair):

The obligatory-pointing-and-laughing:

The I'm-going-to-be-cute-while-watching-"Too cute"-on-TV:

And, some afters:

I didn't get a good photo of it, but Ella's hair is curling so much better now - all around her cute little head.

And, then we're to the crazy-eyed-Rhys:

On her right side, there was a chunk of hair that was short (hmmm...could this explain the unexplained strand of blonde hair we found the other day?), so I cut her hair all to one length.

It was before we left for transplant, the last time I've cut Rhys' hair.  It was months before we left.  So, maybe a year ago!

She had wanted to cut her hair off when Violet cut her hair off a month or two ago.  Violet cut her hair off to keep it short until Emma's hair grows out.  But, Daddy wasn't a fan of the idea of letting Rhys participate too, even though she wanted to.

I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that Rhys cut all the hair off the top of her head 18 months ago.  If you missed it, here's a flashback to it:

This was her before (back then):


Anyway, so we've been enjoying her hair grown out for a while.  The "old bald man" hair style wasn't quite the look we were going for...

So, now Rhys gets to keep her hair short until Emma's grows out, like she wanted to before (unless she decides to grow it out sooner).

Freshly cut & damp:

Then styled and looking super cute:

And, yes.  Her cheeks are as kissable, if not more so, than they look.

Then, Violet...

She wanted a hair trim, so I trimmed it.  Considering she's a 15 year old trapped in a 5 year old's body, she was blow drying her hair:

She really wanted bangs.  She wanted them super short.  I cut them longer, but then she wanted them shorter.  So, we went shorter.  I was a wee bit nervous about it!

I figure (a) it's HER hair, and, (b) we're in isolation!  So, if it looks crappy, it's not like anyone will see it.  <insert evil laugh>

It looks cute when it's styled perfectly, but if it moves very much, it doesn't look quite right.  I'm going to have to work on it a little bit.  She wants to be able to wear it straight across her forehead too, which prevented me from being able to cut it like side swiped bangs like I usually do...  I think I'll try razoring the tips a little bit.

She asked me to cut her bangs EVEN SHORTER after we took these pics.  I'm not thinking we'll be doing that.  haha.  I do have my limits!  But, she totally wants the rest of her hair shorter, so maybe we'll do that tomorrow.  I'm thinking she wants it right to her jaw.

And, we finally trimmed Emma's hair for the first time.  But, that's all that was done.  A trim to make her hair even all around.  She didn't want any specific style cut into it.  Just let it grow, baby!  Yes, that means she has a minor mullet, but such is life.  When you have no hair for a long time, a mullet is awesome.  haha.  I didn't get an "after" pic (it was a little hectic by then), but I'll have to get one and post her before/after.  It's not a huge difference.


  1. The amount of cuteness, sweetness, funny face, joy, & just all around delightfulness in the photos of your children never grows old. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Ella is cuteness personified. I just cannot believe the cuteness. She has such sparkle. I can't believe how much more grown up Rhys is looking! She is such a beauty. Violeta is just breathtaking. Your children are adorable...and what is frightening is that their outsides pale in comparison to their internal cuteness.