Monday, April 7, 2014


(This is really just a test to see if I set Mail Chimp up correctly to email out our blog updates automatically.  So, it's just random stuff to fill up a blog entry this time!)

And, in this episode of our family National Geographic, I spot a Tyler sitting on the phone, talking to someone at work.

I have one complaint about loving photography, and I think others who love it too can relate, there are never any nice photos of yourself.  Not that I am vain, but I love memories via photos and would love to be able to look back and see myself WITH my kids.

I remember a young mother died, leaving her kids behind, and having photos of herself with them was so important.  It made me think a lot about making sure we had more photos together (because moms always seem to try to stay OUT of photos!).  When I was gone for transplant, I realized how few there were of the kids and I together...something I regretted.

So, we get weird ones like this...haha.

Rhys helped me do my hair.  There are five ponytails.  And, when Ella fell asleep for her nap, she called out for her cats.  Rhys came in with 7 of them.  They were piled on her and falling onto the floor.  hehe.

This is what it usually looks like now (photo is out of focus, oops!).  I've trimmed my hair several times myself, but soon it'll be long enough that I'll want someone else to trim it (and fix my many mistakes!).

And, that ends my random test email.

Fingers crossed Mail Chimp worked so I can start using the blog a little more (with updates more interesting than this).


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