Monday, April 14, 2014

Sharing Candy

Even though the kids don't all share the same room, they do all sleep in the same room at night.  They prefer to sleep on the same bed, next to each other.

T2 sleeps in-between Emma and Violet.  They fall asleep snuggled by each other.

Then later on, sometimes the two girls slowly migrate towards each other.  It's kind of like T2 starts sinking in the bed and becomes part of the mattress because Emma and Violet will end up snuggling...and T2 is still "in between" them...only not.  He's completely squished or laid on like he's the fitted sheet or something.  

It makes me laugh out loud.  (I really need to take some photos sometime!)


Here they are getting ready for bed and having reading time.  It's also when we do our history lessons.  I have "The Story of the World", which is an awesome book written to teach history to kids. They get so into it and find it fascinating.

I love our little man!

We had packages at the front door.  After Rhys brought them in, she asked if she could run out in the rain.  Both she and Ella took off running like crazy people once I said yes...with their swim hats on.  (Obviously, I mean, who doesn't wear a swim hat out in the rain?)  And, no idea why Emma is making that face.

I called for the kids to come in.  The older kids came in, as the younger two took off running.  haha...



So, we have this rule that when we go places, the kids have to stay awake (except Ella, since she still naps).

We do this because, as most parents know, if a non-napping child takes a nap, nighttime doesn't go so well.  And, with five kids to get to bed, WE NEED THEM TO GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT.  (Say that in a crazy voice.)

We do it in a fun way...and totally bribe them.  You know - the way you're always told in those parenting books to bribe your kids?  (Wait, what?  You aren't?)  Okay, not a bribe - a reward.  (Does that sound better?).

We want them to earn their reward, by fighting sleep and staying awake.

It has seriously always worked.

But it didn't this time.

Rhys fell asleep during our bike ride (she was in a bike trailer).  When we realized it, we had T2 (who was in the trailer with her) try to wake her up, reminding her about the treat.  He tried for several minutes to get her to wake up.  He tried sooooo hard.  She woke up enough to hear him, but she went back to sleep.

Then it was like,  Oh, crap.  Little Rhys can't have a treat with the rest of the kids! 

When we got back to the house and got inside, T2 realized what it all meant.  With tears in his eyes, he said, "Mom, if Rhys can't have a treat.  I don't think I want mine either.  She'll be really sad if the rest of us have a treat and she doesn't have one."

I don't remember what I said, but he responded and said, "Actually, maybe I'll give her some of mine."

(I realize some might think that if she didn't earn it, she shouldn't get any, but that's not what the deal is.  She just doesn't get her OWN.  Other kids have the right to do with theirs as they please.)

We were going to have our treats after dinner.  During dinner, Violet also realized that Rhys wouldn't get her own treat.

She looked very concerned, thinking about how sad Rhys would be.  She, too, said she wanted to share hers with Rhys.

And, so she did.

(T2 ate his, but if Violet wasn't going to share hers, I think he would have.)

Here's Violet getting her's ready to share:
So, Rhys didn't get as much as she would have, but the kids made sure she wasn't left out.

I seriously thought it was so super sweet.  And, I really, really love that these are the types of things that they think about.


If you missed it, I also updated about Emma's most recent cardiology appointment on FB:

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  1. Just so you know, this story made me wayyyy too emotional! So incredibly sweet, I'm not surprised at all though. And people say that positive parenting doesn't work!!!! WHATEVER!