Sunday, April 27, 2014

the Ani & Torin visit!

If you've been following us on our bone marrow transplant journey, y'all will all recognize Ani!!  

However, if you haven't been following us on our bone marrow transplant journey, you won't know who she is, so I shall tell you:

Ani is my youngest sister.  When we left for transplant, Emma & I had to leave my other kids/hubby at home to go almost 1000 miles for transplant.  We stayed away for six months, and Ani came to help.  My niece, Kyrie also came to help during that time.  

Ani helped us drive home from transplant and that was the last time we've seen her.

This past week, she stayed in isolation to ensure she wasn't bringing any illness to our home, and they came to visit!!  We were all so excited...and still are.  They are so fun to have.

So, here's Ani soon after she arrived.  The kids were meeting their dog for the first time:
What do you mean you can't see Ani?  :)  haha....  She arrived after traveling all night, and she wasn't as put together as she wanted to be for a photo.  So you can see her blond hair around Rhys' head (the one in the red dress).  And, maybe we'll get another photo later!

And, you've probably already seen this one of Emma holding the doggy.  Jack liked Emma a lot (this was Ani/Torin's dog).

Here's Violet with the doggy:

Then Rhys with the doggy running away from her:

Trampoline time with Uncle Torin:

Emma being goofy as usual:

He kept bouncing and they kept flying (he was careful):

Then Ella decided to have a picnic with a cup of milk...and a straw:

She really liked it when it bubbled when she blew in it:

Ella using her super powers of cuteness:

Ella loves Jack (the dog), but I haven't gotten a photo of it yet.  She'll give him big hugs.  The kids love to chase the dog around the backyard, which he LOVES.  I didn't expect him to do as well with little kids as he does.

It's been fun having them visit!  They are the first visitors we've had since transplant (we are still in isolation).

Emma is feeling better from her central line removal and port placement.  She still is afraid of the idea of taking a bath or shower like a normal person, but she'll be doing that soon!!  (Usually she has to be careful to keep her central line dressing from getting wet.  So, bath time has been a bit complicated for months.)

More photos to come...

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