Sunday, April 6, 2014

the littles


I'm trying to get back into the groove of using our blog to keep track of the day to day.  I used our Facebook page for so long (and will continue to do so) that I didn't realize that Feedburner doesn't work anymore.  It doesn't send emails out to people when I update our blog anymore.  

I've decided to try using Mail Chimp instead.  So, if you've signed up to receive our blog updates as emails, you can sign up again for that.  It's on the upper right of the blog.  (I do think there is a way to transfer emails over from Feedburner, but I haven't gotten that figured out yet!).  And, if you haven't signed up yet, but you want to, please do!


The other day I turned on some dancing music, and Ella & Rhys went a little crazy dancing and chasing each other.

Love Ella's expression:

Beautiful girl:

Ella fell down, and Rhys came and hugged her.  They are so much like puppies some times:

I love how full of love they are at this age.  They want nothing more in the world than to be near momma and spent time together.  

After using so many calories dancing for 20-30 minutes, Ella need to stuff her face.  Literally. 

I feel so lucky to be the momma of such beautiful girls!  Not just these two, but all of them.  

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  1. WAYY too cute! I love all of those pictures! I just want to squish and kiss them! So darling!