Monday, May 26, 2014

Bruisers Week

This past week was the week-of-the-bruises.

First it started with Ella (2) running like a maniac with Rhys (3) chasing her.  She tumbled and fell and hit her face on the window sill corner.

It left her with quite the bruise.

I didn't take a photo, so here's a drawing I made (okay, the drawing of Ella is part of something else I'm making, so I'm really not crazy and drew the whole thing JUST to show the bruise):

Then Violet (5) wanted to create her own permanent make-up, or something, and she got herself a black eye.  It happened on our indoor playset when she and her brother (7) went down one of the slides together and somehow crashed, causing her to face to smack on the slide.  Luckily the cut was really minor, just enough to bleed a little, but it gave her a really pretty black eye.

Did I just say "pretty"?  Yes, I did.  It turned into a nice shade of purple and some pinkish color.  So, we thought, "Hey!  We should put makeup on her other eye to make her blackeye look like makeup!

So, we did:

And THEN...

It was the day after that that Violet somehow accidentally kneed Ella in the chin.


Then add in all the normal, less painful bruises between them all.

And, that is the drama of the bruises.

It's weeks like this one that I want to bubble wrap the children.


Ella & Violet together.  (Pretty sure it was just a few hours later that Ella got the chin bruise.)

It started off innocently, except for the sneaky look in Ella's eye:

One little nudge, and...

Down goes Violet:

Gets back up:

Tries to knock her back off:

It worked a little too well:

She thought it was hilarious:

They both were laughing a lot:

 And, then starts the fake falling.  They did this for a while:

 Proof that they are crazy:

 Bunny Ears:


I was cleaning in the kitchen when I looked and saw Ella and Emma snuggling together on the couch watching a movie.  It was so cute.

Emma helping Ella look at me - haha:

If Emma looks a little pink, it's because SHE IS A LITTLE PINK!  She is burning so easy.  We find it safest to keep her indoors most of the time.  Sunscreen, long sleeves, hats...nothing is working.  Post transplant, due to a combination of the medications and chemo, it has made her burn SUPER easy.  Like, 10 minutes in the shade, and she burns.  Riding in the car, she burns.

I need to update on our Facebook page.  I'll do that when I have more time.  For now, I better go organize the little girls' room while I can!

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