Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the faces

Violet, Rhys, and Ella all decided to change into some of their pretty dresses.  Then we turned on music, and they danced around.

Ella and Violet were sitting like this for a few minutes, and while Violet looks less-than-thrilled, she really was happy.

Ella twirling...

This is apparently how homeschooled kids dance...

Emma's faces start getting going good... (in case you're new, she LOVES to make horrible faces.  And, I'm not being mean.  The worse the face, the funnier she thinks it is.  It is actually her goal.)

I didn't realize it while I was taking photos, until near the end, but Rhys was trying to touch Emma's hearing aid (which we don't allow!  They are so expensive!).  Emma kept making crazy faces, but she didn't get mad.  She was super playful with Rhys through it all (which isn't always the case...).

Some fake crying...

Whatever that expression is...

This is a new expression.  She burst out laughing hysterically when I showed it to her on the computer.

Another odd expression:

It's about this time that I thought it would be good to remind our viewers of what Emma actually looks like. 

Emma started dancing a jig.  Notice anything strange about this photo?  Because I didn't notice it until afterwards, and I was like, "Whaaa--?"  Still haven't figured out what Violet was doing...

Oh, Ella looks so cute!  She must be praying or something, right?

No, she's upset at me because I wanted to help her with her lipstick.  So, she was trying to hide it from me.

And, Rhys...with her lovely lipstick and mascara.

Until next time.


  1. laughing so hard @ your great photos! Beautiful Emma has the best faces....kind of a female Jim Carrey or Bill Cosby! Can I come down and get my make up done by the girls? It looks like they need practice, and w/out my glasses on my 58 yr. old nose , I wouldn't know how I looked anyway!!! Mamma, you rock!