Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ice Cream

The other day we bought the kids some ice cream & cones.  They quite enjoyed it:

Ella (2) has gotten a lot more opinionated in a very sweet way (for the most part) over what she wants.  She chose her outfit.  The red shorts are actually her brother's pajama pants.  hehe.  And, she wanted her hair like that:

The kitty cat fell asleep on Violet's face.  So cute!!  And, Emma's hair is getting to such a nice length!

Normally we don't let Ella play with the hose with a nice dress on, but someone else started the water...and it happened that she got we just went with it because she was so thrilled.

And, here's a pic of Emma and I.  Our hair is finally getting to a much nicer length!

I have some birthdays to update on, and hopefully I'll get to that one day.  

I'm having the hardest time sitting down and updating anywhere!  I think it's partially because I get distracted so much when I try that it's easier to just post pictures.  :)

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