Sunday, October 19, 2014

the balloon

We went on a walk this afternoon.  It's one of the first ones we've been on for a while because it was so hot outside.

As we were walking, Ella saw a balloon in the air in the distance.  It's a model home for the neighborhood, and they have a balloon attached to a flag pole to attract attention to where the model home is.

When Ella saw it, she said, "My balloon!!  My balloon!!" and she took off running towards it.

(This photo is weird.  It was actually two photos, but somehow the phone stored it as one photo - half of it being from the first photo and the other half from the other photo.)

You can see the balloon in the sky in the distance:

She was so excited, running towards the balloon.  We tried to tell her that it was a balloon she wouldn't be able to reach.

Then we got there.

And she realized how far away the balloon was, and she paused for a minute, thinking it through.

Soon she realized the balloon was far beyond her reach.  So, we continued on.  

Luckily she didn't seem very upset by it (or I would have gone and found a balloon somewhere).  The whole thing was just super funny to me!  

A few times she saw kids as we were walking by, and she'd say, "My friends!  Those are my friends!  HI!" even though we'd never seen or met the children before.  She's very social, and her voice is so tiny...just like she is. 

Anyway, just a little silly from today!

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