Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Part One

When Emma was having her bone marrow transplant, one of the things we used to help encourage her through all the crappy stuff was the promise of a kitten.  So, back in June, we got our first kitten.

We put a lot of thought into the breed and where to get the kitten from.  I thought about adoption for cats in need of homes, but we'd seen cats that absolutely hate children, and...we have five kids that will want to love and hold and hug on a cat.  It just didn't seem right or fair to do that to a cat.

Thus entered the Burmese cat.

They are "doglike" in their affection.  They love children.  They are very social.  It seemed like the perfect cat.

Here Tyler is hanging out with our first "kitten" Crimson:

But, five kids trying to share a cat seemed a little funny.  So, we started toying with the idea of getting another kitty and made the decision IT WAS TIME!!

We expected the kitty cat to be ready to come into our home the week after Christmas, so we were pleasantly surprised when the cat owner told us we could pick the kitty up the day before Christmas.  We decided to try to surprise the kids with it.  And, it worked.

The kids were sitting, watching a TV show when they heard the garage door open, their dad walking down the main hallway, and a tiny meow...over and over.  That perked their interest, and they all stopped and looked at their dad, wondering what was going on.  By the time they stood up, the kitty was in the living room for them to see.

Here's a video of it on FB (you don't need an account to see it - it's public):

The was taken right after the video.  The lighting was pretty poor in this room, so it's not the best, but Ella was so sweet with the kitty!  I love this with him.

This was taken the next day with him snuggling with my very favorite blanket (a gift from a friend during transplant).  He's so tiny.  He looks bigger in the photos.

He is so sweet.

He's also a little bit of a chicken.

He gets pretty nervous around the kids, so we've been taking it slowly.  Our other cat, Crimson warmed up to the kids a lot faster when we first got him.

We keep the cats separated for the most part.  We have them eat together (started through a closed door, then a slightly opened door, now the door is completely open).  And now they get little playdates.  Crimson does really well with it.  He loves to groom the kitten.  haha.  He gets a little too playful with the kitten, but he never growls or hisses at him.  The kitten gets a little scared and will hiss rarely.  So, we're keeping their visits a little bit short and taking it slow to try to go at a pace the kitten is comfortable with.

As I mentioned, we named our first kitten Crimson, which really doesn't make sense, considering he is a "blue" cat (aka grey) and has no red tone in his coloring at all.  But it was a name they all wanted, so we named him that.

Our new kitten does have red tone to his coloring, which would have made more sense to name him Crimson.  In the end, it made us decide to name the new kitten after the coloring of the first (basically naming them the names we should have named the other).  So, new kitten is named Ash, after the color of the first cat.  So, Crimson and Ash...

It's been super fun having a new little baby in our home.  The kids are sooooooo excited.  They sometimes have a hard time waiting for the kitten to not be so scared (mainly the little ones), but they still do such an excellent job.

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