Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July PIE

On Independence Day, we had some pie.

Actually, that's not true.

Tyler bought the pie a few days beforehand, and we celebrated early.  By the time it was Independence Day, the fruit was we couldn't actually eat it that day.

We started by staring at the cake, making weird faces...

Then we had to eat lunch:

Cute little feet:

And, then it was pie time:

If you ever wonder where Emma gets her crazy expressions from, it would be her dad:

Proof that I exist in our family too (in the car, but not driving):

We all hung out and watched the fireworks from our backyard.  Or tried to.  When the neighbor's house was in the way (yes, Becky, I'm referring to yours...hehe), the kids watched from upstairs.  Next year we want to take them to see them at the school.

And to end this super boring story, I thought I'd post today's conundrum:

I was folding laundry this evening when I noticed there are 53 pairs of underwear for the girls...and 2 for the boy.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?

I mean, who has 53 pairs of underwear anyway (granted, it's split between 4 girls)?

But, more importantly, WHERE ARE TYLER2'S UNDERWEAR?  This is the first time this has ever happened.  He always has plenty in the laundry.

When I asked him about it, he told me, "Well, I try to make them last as long as I can."


It gave me a good laugh.  Turns out his underwear have gone into hiding.  No one can find his stash and didn't think to mention it.  haha.  At least he's good at rationing them...?  I guess?  (Or perhaps he's been borrowing theirs?  Ah, that would make sense on the 53 pairs...)

They were headed to bed when I noticed it, so I'll have to look tomorrow.  They are possibly in someone else's dresser.  Or, perhaps a bad guy came in and stole Tyler2's underwear, like Rhys tends to think happen when something goes missing...

Oh, the mystery!  The suspense!

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