Saturday, July 4, 2015

oh look! a pool..

Once upon a time, there were five children that happened to be walking through the forest when they came upon a pool.  Luckily they were already wearing their swimsuits, so they climbed right on in.

One of the girls had had a bone marrow transplant a couple years prior, and due to the medication she's STILL ON (until her immune system starts to function), it has made her super, crazy sensitive to the sun even with the best sunscreen we could find.  So sensitive, in fact, that she has been unable to go outside unless a good ol' Texas storm has rolled in or it is nighttime.

What were we to do?!

After searching high and low (not really, we just looked on Amazon), we found this freaky-looking outfit for her to wear!  YAY!

Once she got outside, she wouldn't come back in.

She felt free for the first time in a looooong time.

Four pics in a series as she jumps in.  She had some pool balls that she threw before jumping...

Feeling strong and happy.

And, it wasn't just Emma.

They all turned into psychopathic lunatics...

They really didn't run around like crazy people the whole time.  They sat in the pool like crazy people sometimes too:

And sometimes, one of them would get out of the pool and get lost in the forest..

...or maybe it was to chase butterflies.

It's hard to see through all those trees to really know...

And then there was this little girl.  She wears her swimsuit everyday.  All the time.  And would probably wear it to bed if we let her.  So, it was a unique experience to actually wear it in the pool.  ha.

I'm sure we'll have more pool photos as the summer goes along.  The kids were so funny and crazy!

I hope all of my fellow Americans have a special holiday today!  Happy 4th of July!

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