Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ninja attack...

Forgot to include this pic in last blog post's photos.  Rhys was snuggling Ella, while I got ready to take her to the ER and Tyler1 was off doing something else for a minute (washing the bedding, maybe?).  I thought they looked sweet.  Violet was dancing around trying to make her laugh.  And, it worked.  So cute!  It was sweet to see how hard they tried to make her feel better.

I also forgot to say that Ella came home and pinky-promised Daddy (which is like the FO 'REAL type of promise) that she would never put anything but food in her mouth again.  

Now, on to Christmas activities!  We've done a few that I'll be posting (hopefully). 

We made NINJABREAD MEN this year.  *karate chop* 

Thank you to the person that sent the kit to us a year or two ago.  They are our favorites.  

*Begin slideshow*

Here we have Emma decorating her little ninja.  

It appears he only has one arm, which makes him even more awesome.

Then Violet took a turn at it and decorated her own little dude:

We had these little circle candy things that they used for eyes and buttons...and for eating...

Then Rhys (her hair was still damp from a bath, not greasy)...

And a very excited Tyler2...

Ella patiently watched everyone until it was her turn.
(I'd like to draw your attention to the upside down person in the background.  That would be Violet.  BECAUSE SHE DOES 900 MILLION HANDSTANDS A DAY AND MAKES ME WATCH ALL OF THEM.  Luckily I have nothing else to do...)

It was cute cause Ella worked at it for a pretty long time and never really ended up with very much frosting on her ninja.

She looked at it for a bit but didn't ever ask for help:

Can't forget it's eyeballs...

Here's some of the finished products:

This poor unfortunate fella had a ninja fight that he lost.  We know he lost because he has no head.

Then it was time to eat.  She was counting the candy on it, I think.  (Do you like her blush?)

You can see how much they enjoyed them:

I would point out that I caught them mid-pose, but I didn't.  They were holding these poses on purpose (Emma and Violet were, not Tyler2).

And, our one normal child, who looks happy eating it like normal children do:

Just kidding.  She's not normal.  That would be boring.  She was just too excited to eat her candy-filled ninja to make a face.  

Upon finishing this project, and after talking to a friend about gingerbread houses, I realized...and then remembered that I did know this...that I could have given each of them their own little sandwich bag of frosting.  ugh...  Bet I won't forget that next year.  And, luckily that is what we did when we did those gingerbread houses...which will likely be the next post.

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