Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gingerbread "Houses"

Well, we did it.  We made gingerbread houses!

We kept seeing friends post photos of their adorably cute little gingerbread houses, and after we made the ninjabread men, we thought, WHY NOT?!

So, we did.

Super cute, isn't it?  Looks just like what you see on the commercials.

That's cause it is.  I may or may not have stolen this photo from Amazon.  Here's the link.  (There, now I think that means I didn't steal it.) Isn't it so cute?  I've never tried it, but it looks like a good one.

Anyway, so with that in mind, this is what we did:

Drumroll please....

Here are our gingerbread houses:

Contrary to how it might seem, we really didn't throw graham crackers and blobs of frosting together with some candy.  But, now that you mention it, that would have been just as effective...and probably faster...

Maybe I should rewind to the beginning.

It was a cloudy, overcast day.  I was wearing my ninja garb and sneakily snuck into the kitchen while the children played happily in their rooms.  My hope was to get five little spots at the table supplied with all that they would need for gingerbread houses: 5 bowls of cream cheese frosting to use as the "glue", then 5 sandwich baggies of decorative frosting, and 5 sets of graham crackers to build their little houses.  I sat additional candy decorations in a bag on the table to surprise them, once they got started.  

I knew they were going to be so excited when they saw it all.  And they were.

This is what the goal was:

And this was the process:

As promised, it was time to look through the bag of surprise candy decorations.  They were super giddy and excited over it.  There were little candy canes, Christmas trees, and snowmen, plus some other little treats:

Once the surprise candy was made known, Ella got a little distracted from decorating and had to taste some of these new little treasures:

And, then it started happening...

THEY WERE FALLING APART...Tyler2's, Rhys', and Ella's.

*dramatic gasp*

Then Violet's fell apart too...

Emma's was the last surviving gingerbread house and was feeling bad for Violet:

Meanwhile, Ella was oblivious to most of it.  Part of her house had fallen apart, but did you know that this snowman treat is really, really tasty?  You didn't?  Well, now you do:

Nooooo!  The last one was falling!

Pretty sure Ella was drunk on sugar by this point, and if she was speaking, her speech was undoubtedly slurred:

After working on trying to put back together Tyler, Rhys, and Ella's, and seeing that the glue wasn't very glue-like, we realized it was time to change the narrative of our story...

Turns out these poor gingerbread houses were built on a fault line.

Yeah, I know.  Tragic.

One day the little gingerbread children were out building their snowmen, when suddenly an earthquake hit, and their houses collapsed.  There were broken candy canes and rivers of hot tamales everywhere...





(Tyler2's was posted at the beginning of the blog entry.)

I almost feel like the rating of this blog entry just changed from rated G to rated PG.

Once we changed the narrative, the kids embraced it, and there was much hysterical laughter.  They did most of their decorating AFTER their houses had fallen down, and it was the cause of much enjoyment.

Maybe next year we'll try the hot glue like my friend chose to use on her's (cause they're smart and all).  But, I must say, I quite like how ours turned out this year!


  1. Lovely, and laughed so hard!!! Hint for the future......hot glue gun for maintaining structure.....frosting for the decorations.
    Learned from experience

    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. The only way to do it all with frosting is to put up the walls and let them dry. Then put on the roof and let it dry. Then you can decorate. If the frosting is still soft when you put on decorations, it's always a disaster. The earthquake proof way takes a lot longer though. :)