Monday, December 28, 2015

these two...

Ella loves to beat Tyler2 up.  Since she's so little, he doesn't do much other than take it...and laugh and scream a lot.  It's so very funny and cute to watch the two of them:

Then there are these two - Rhys and Ella.  They are best little friends, often running around the house chasing butterflies and donkeys (oh, I really need to post about that, cause it's kinda funny).  They are 15 months apart, so their interests are pretty close to one another.

When they aren't best friends, they are sworn enemies.  Cause that's what happens when you are little and can apparently only carry one emotion in your body at a time.

(You probably won't see this, but thank you to the person that gave us this game!  The girls love it.)

Found Ella's expression to be amusing.

One day far too soon they're going to grow up and these will be just memories.  WHY HAS NO ONE FIGURED OUT HOW TO CONTROL TIME?!

Until then, I'll just take lots of photos and do better at journaling.

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