Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ugly Faces

Emma had a post-transplant checkup yesterday.  Cincinnati (transplant hospital) runs things through the Dallas hem/onc team.

On the drive over, Emma's hearing aid battery died, and I had no more in my purse.  Oops!  So, she wasn't able to hear much.  Luckily she can read lips pretty well, so she didn't miss everything.  She does know some sign language, but she has no thumbs (due to FA) and it complicates sign language a bit.

Then I realized I had forgotten to put gel in my hair that morning.

See, our morning was really tragic.

Due to her non-functional immune system, she always has to wear a mask anywhere public until she is in a private room.  And, they always put her in a private room immediately and have her skip the waiting rooms.

So, that's where we were.  For a bit we twiddled our thumbs while we waited.

Then we decided to do a selfie:

Then we did a little stupid face together:


Or, more accurately for our case, the Synchronized Ugly Face game.

We sometimes resort to this in cases of much boredom.  It often includes my sisters and niece, who sometimes text in their Ugly Faces too, but we didn't think to include them this time.  (Sorry, gals!)

At first we start off work into it a bit.

So, we did funny lips:

Then weird eyes:

Rabbit teeth:


Emma's two favorites:

She was almost crying from laughing after this one:

I know.  We should be embarrassed, but.......we aren't.

Part of the game is to be able to switch back to a normal face when the doctors walk in.  Cause, like you want them to see you doing this.  They always have to gown and glove when they come in (since she's VRE positive), so once we heard the rustling outside the door, we knew it was time to act like normal people again.

They took her blood, and we'll have those results on Friday via My Chart (app on my phone).  Hoping to see her BK virus levels and EBV levels at ZERO cause that would mean that her immune system is finally kicking in.

Hopefully this will be the year where things start to move along and she'll end up with a fully functional immune system by the end of it.  Isolation might be making us a wee bit crazy...

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

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