Tuesday, February 9, 2016


For those that don't already know, I'm doing a photo-a-day of things I'm grateful for and am posting them on Instagram for any that want to follow over there (I share to my personal FB too, if you're a friend on there):


January was a pretty good month.  Minus being victims of identify theft, having a tire blow/shred while going 70 mph down the highway with all kids in the van (it was rather uneventful, thankfully!), and then our health insurance changed.  That was the most stressful.  Everything went from being fully covered to 50% covered.  We tried looking into a children's hospital we could transfer to for full coverage (or anything pediatric), but they didn't have ANYTHING.  Long story short, everything - except current home health company - is now fully covered.

We love our nurse, so while we wait to see if we can continue with her, we had to go to the hospital for Emma's IVIG infusion, which we did yesterday.

As you can see, she's very, very excited:

There are some benefits in having to go to the hospital for it, they have OtterPops:

This is what it looks like when they have everything hooked up to her port.  IT'S PURPLE!  Much more colorful than what she's been getting at home:

She's been having diarrhea for the past three weeks, which isn't good.  They ordered a GI panel to have things tested.  Part of that was to collect her poo for testing, which I did...only to discover there was no more diarrhea.  I collected it anyway, just in case they still wanted it.  Then found out they didn't need it if it looked normal.  So, I pretty much used a sterile tongue depressor to collect poo from a clean toilet hat to put into a tiny container...for no reason at all.

Could have done without that little adventure.

And, hopefully it really is cleared up and won't come back.  :)

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