Monday, February 24, 2014

Using the Blog Again...

It's been a really long time since I've used this blog!  I used to write in it so often.  Then during Emma's bone marrow transplant, her FB page was much faster/easier to update.  So, I moved mostly over there to do so.

But, now that we are home, and now that I have four other kids I want to keep a blackmail journal on, I realize how much I miss this blog!  I feel like on the FB page I'm intruding on other people's lives a little bit too much by posting as much day-to-day that I want to be posting.  I feel a lot more comfortable doing that here on the blog, and more importantly, I'll actually start updating as much as I want to.

So, I'll be writing on the blog what I'm really saying.

If you've missed our transplant journey, here's a little list of links to update you on some of the highlights along our journey.  We are back home now.  Emma is doing well.  We are relieved and very happy!

I'll be back soon to start our updates!

(If you're not used to Facebook, the updates are in the descriptions under the photos.  So, you click to "see more", and it'll show the whole update for that day.)


The day we left for transplant (June 6, 2013):

(VIDEO) When daddy came to visit after six weeks:

(VIDEO) When she saw Rhys:

Heading in for Transplant (July 24th):

(VIDEO)Her Actual Transplant (when they gave her new cells) - Aug 3:

Starting Chemo:


Shaving Heads:

Going Outside Again:

Finally Discharged!

Family Leaving After a Visit:

Readmitted for Fluid in Her Lungs:

Discharged finally:

Our Other Kids:

She developed EBV-Lymphoma:

Spending time with other kids:

Her Bone Marrow Came Back to Assist:

Going to NY for Cancer Treatment:

Explanation of T-Cell EBV-Cancer Therapy:

Diagnosis of Brain Bleed:

Meeting a NY Marathon Runner:

Back in Cincinnati Update:

Finally Discharged to Hotel:

We are told we get to go home:

Thanksgiving Away:

Saying Goodbye:

At Home, Walking in the Front Door:

First Day Home:

What it feels like at home again:

Finally...EBV (lymphoma) is 100% gone:

Dancing with Daddy Again:

Dating my Hubby again: