Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Since five months has gone by since Ella's birth that's supposed to mean Ella is five months old.  I'm not convinced.  But whatever.

A little about her:  She's taking driving lessons and is often found practicing karate.  But her real passion is in learning to use chopsticks.


She likes to be held all the time and is a little slobbering chatterbox.  She LOVES to play with our hands.  If our hand is near her, she wants it in her mouth.  She's a little obsessive about it...in a very cute way.  She also likes to smile and is getting the laughing thing down. No rolling over yet.  Might be because someone is usually holding her.  She deals with four adoring siblings quite well!  She's a little snuggle bug and we love all the slobbery kisses we can get!

Here's a little photoshoot with the Ella.  I decided to try a black background this time (big black fleece material). Once day I hope for a real backdrop and better lighting! 

Decided to try sitting.  She fell over.

 Tried sitting again, propped her up.  Pretty sure this is when she started loading her diaper.

Fell over...

Falling forward and probably wishing she had better use of her arms.  At least she had her mouth open to stop her fall.

I propped her back up, and then enters DADDY.  (no, he's not hiding in the picture.  he's standing next to me.)

It's so cute to see the big smiles she gave him.  Of course, the flash on my camera decided it needed a break from all the previous pics, so I about screamed that it wasn't taking pics.  Luckily for us all, I've learned how to take pics without a flash!  Yay for an awesome camera!  I want some of those nice photography light thingys one day...

And then she burped...brings a new meaning to 'Our little TASTE of Heaven'.

Anyone want a kiss?  It's about this time daddy excused himself from the room...

Then I realized I had her shirt on backwards.  So, I fixed it. I'd love to blame Tyler for that one, but I'd be lying. 

Then she started crying, so we were done.  Isn't that precious?!  A poopy, spitting up baby with her shirt on backwards.  Who could ask for more?  Such is life with a wee babe!

We love you, Ella!!

getting ready for church...

Contrary to how it might seem, she is not laying on the floor because she's asleep, nor is it because she doesn't want to go to church (she actually loves church).  The reason is her underwear are "dumb" and "stupid" because they feel weird when she wears her tights over them.  Before I could get over to her to fix them, she was overcome by her emotions and laid there telling us the woes of her little life. It looked too cute.  (We did end up getting her dumb stupid underwear to feel comfortable.  Whew.  Life was good for her again.)

Getting ready for church on Sunday is like a circus act or something!  I don't know why it's so hard to get five kids, fed, dressed, hair done, as well as ourselves ready while dealing with feedings, baby's naps, and each child having their own idea about what should be going on.  Seems like it should be so simple.  hahahahHAhaHa (that's my crazy laugh, in case you were wondering).


Friday, February 24, 2012

our day

Today was a crazy day!  But I'll talk about that another time.  Here are a few photos from today:

Ella really likes TS.  Whenever he comes over to her, she smiles so big.  He likes to sing and dance for her to try to get any smiles he can.  He had sat down next to her so he could snuggle her while watching his show.  Sibling love is SO SWEET. 


This reminds me of why I shouldn't clean the kitchen.  I felt like I was in a race trying to get the dishwasher loaded (kitchen gets messy so fast if I get very behind & then we run out of dishes!).  Ella wasn't very happy, so I went super fast.  When I was done, I was greeted by this little face:

She had been busy.  Writing.  On her face.  Obviously.

The lovely thing is, she was even in view while she did it!  Guess I should have looked up a little more while I was ninja washing and ninja kicking my dishes (and made sure no one had the markers out).  At least it wiped off.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Rhys is, for lack of a better word, a slob.  At least when it comes to eating.  Or when she touches anything.

If we let her get to close to food, bad things happen...

Yes, she popped a squat right there as she was eating.  It's like she's this wild savage stuffing food in her mouth by the handful.  (Since, you know, savages like to squat on highchairs.)  See the crazy look in her eyes?  Or her eye, since you can't see her other eye.

As you can see above, someone made a pretty big mess on, and under, the kitchen table.  From Rhys' expression, it looks like she's not sure who did it either.  It was her, though!  Like the table cloth?  Too much on one side?  I promise I don't leave her in there for hours.  She's ninja fast in creating her whirlwind of destruction!  Sometimes I get up to grab a towel, and while I have my back turned, she's rearranging the table. 

Having a wee babe to take care of, as well as a very young toddler, has proven to be a challenge.  It can be hard to hold baby, feed myself, and feed Rhys.  So, there are times she gets to stuff her own face (literally).  After one too many times like the photo above, we've rearranged things and I try to feed her no matter what might be going on!  It's just too much work to try and keep the kitchen clean if she's been in it!  She doesn't always like it, though.  She really prefers to feed herself.  Maybe when she's a little older.

She also really likes to climb on things.  We heard her crying in the other room.  When we went in, we found her here. It must be frustrating to accidentally find yourself stuck on a shelf.

Rhys is such a sweet little girl!  She definitely keeps me on my toes, though, she isn't always a little tornado of disaster like it must seems like she is from the photos above!  I'm so thankful she has a really gentle personality and is quite patient.  It makes it so much more doable to manage the house with some semblance of order and sanity with so many young ones.

Speaking of which, here are a few more of the younglings:

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Since we're starting a new blog, I thought it would be a convenient time to change how I do the photos too - and here's a brief story as to why I'm doing this:

Once upon a time, someone I didn't know took photos from our blog and posted them on their site, labeling the photos as though it was them.  It was a photo of me and one of my babies, right after they were born.  They were pretending it was them. 

Since then I've been wanting to put a watermark on our photos to label them as ours, but I didn't want to put our last name on every photo because I'd prefer more privacy than that.  Now with the blog name change, I am much more comfortable putting the blog name on the photos. 

I didn't want to put a watermark across the whole photo because it seems to ruin the photo, so this is my compromise.  I know someone could crop it out of the photos, but it would take more work than a quick steal like this other person did. 

The reason I'm explaining this is because while some people could care less about watermarks, there are others who really don't like them.  I figured if I explained why I'm using them, you'd not mind it so much.  If you ever want to take one of my photos and post it on your blog and pretend like it's you, just let me know, and I'll remove the watermark for you.  hehe.  No, for real, though, if you ever want a photo for printing, just email and ask me.

So much to write, so little time!  Here are a few recent photos:

Babies are highly amusing, such as when they drop their toys and can't find them.  You know, like that big blue phone laying under her chin?

TS dressed for church.  He loves his new sunglasses.  I think he looks rather spy-like.  

Emma and Ella hanging out being cute:

A photo of Vi dressed for church.  She loves her sunglasses too, as you can see.  She was so funny when I was taking her pic.  She would not smile.  I thought this was a funny pic:

I have much more to update on before my short term memory forgets about it and it gets lost forever in my mind.  I was reading that sleep deprivation prevents the brain from storing things in long term memory.  (I'm putting that here for when I forget that I read that.)  Right now we're pretty sleep deprived between all the kids.  Excluding Ella, they all sleep pretty good.  But all combined, it can make for regular interruption.  Good thing I have a blog to write it all down on!

Please keep the FA families in your prayer, as several have lost their children recently.  So heartbreaking.

Hope you're all doing well!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Blog

Yay, you've made it to our new blog!  Um...not a lot to say yet because I'm busy switching everything over.  If you want to subscribe so that you receive emails instead of having to actually visit our blog, the "Follow Us by Email" box on the right is where you can do that at.  You'll type in your email address, then type in the security word they show you, and then click on a link that Feedburner sends to your email to verify you really want to do this.  (You have to do the last part or else it won't work.)

I'll write more soon once I get things switched over a little more!