Thursday, April 26, 2012

computer is fixed...

Yay!  Our computer is fixed.  Our brother-in-law is computer-repair-gifted and was able to switch out a thing on the computer so it'll start now.  He also showed the kids the inside of the computer and what certain parts where.  It made it all make a lot more sense.  They enjoyed it quite a bit.  (Thanks, Bob!)


I have decided that small children are really, in all actuality, insane.  You may disagree initially, but I'm sure after reading the following conversation you will side with me.  This is one of many, many...many, many, many similar conversations.  And, for this exercise, we're going to pretend like this conversation happened with adults because it expresses the insanity better:

Woman #1:  "Bla bla bla bla" (that means it was unintelligible speech, but she was saying it conversationally)

Woman #2:  "What did you say?"

Woman #1:  "Bla bla bla bla bla"  (still just as unintelligible)

Woman #2:  "No, I'm not!" totally offended.

Mom:  "No you're not?  Do you even know what she said?"

Woman #2:  "No, but she might have said I was five years old, and I'm not.  My brother is five years old!"

Man #1:  "Don't call me "brother" at the table!  If you do it again, I'll kick you in the face and make you smell my feet."  Woman #2 and Man #1 both start giggling.

Okay, so I don't really think they're insane.  But sometimes I think of the things they say, and the way they behave, and I wonder how different it would all be taken if the only thing that changed was their ages.  What if they were 21 years old while having this conversation?  Very amusing. 

(FYI: This was a conversation between Rhys & Violet.  Then Violet & TS.  And, TS really wouldn't kick her in the face, but he might make her smell his feet...)


Since the computer is fixed, obviously that means I need to post some photos:

This is my view of Ella when she is in the baby carrier.  She loves to be carried around in it. 

First time to attempt sitting on potty.  And first time to have her photo taken while sitting on potty.

Little mommy Emma:

And, this would be the reason we have child locks on our door.  Rhys is wearing my makeup.  Someone accidentally left my door open.  I noticed Rhys wasn't around and found her in my bathroom...
When Violet saw Rhys with the makeup, you could tell she was envious.  She told Rhys, "You look so beautiful."  Rhys also put some on her leg and arm.  Guess she takes after her mom!  (wait, did I just insult myself?  I learned that from my mom.)

LESSON TIME:  Every Sunday, we do a little church lesson.  I looked up from my papers just in time to see a storm trooper sit down for the lesson. 

He looked so serious.  Minus the big helmet on his head.

And, he was ready for battle with his little pea shooter.  I thought it went along well with the lesson, which I think had something to do with being kind to each other and following the Savior's example.
D'oh!  He got tapped on the head by a lightsaber before he could pull his gun from his pocket.  Wasn't quite the battle we were hoping for. 

Hey Happy BABY!!

Rhys is kind of sort of completely obsessed with vacuuming. 

Times are a-changing.  I don't have to worry so much about her sitting on Ella or walking by and kicking her in the head.  She is much more aware than she was when she was only 15 months old now.  That's because she's a whole 22 months old now. 

And, one day she will wean from the pacifier.  But that day is not today.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

the old house

We have some fun news.  Someone is in the process of buying our house!  We've had it up for sale for two weeks and have had three offers on it, the third one being the best.  We had one offer that we were in the process of signing papers for when we found out about another offer (the third offer).  The third offer couple found out we were almost done agreeing to a different offer, so they offered the best deal they could, and we couldn't say no.  It was really exciting it worked out as it did.  (I hope the other buyers find a nice home quickly!)

If anyone local is wanting to sell their house, I highly recommend the realtor we are using.  She was referred to me by a friend who sold her house quickly as well.  She's a Dave Ramsey recommended realtor.  She really knows her stuff!  We made sure to do everything she suggested (from painting all the walls a nice tan color to using specific air freshners in the home to make it more appealing to the senses).  It's amazing how simple things can help so much.  Our neighborhood has a lot of homes for sale, so we weren't sure if we were going to be able to sell ours.  I highly recommend her.  Email me if you want details (or just leave a comment with your email address if you don't already know my email).

We really feel like the Lord has been watching over us through all of this.  From this new house to Tyler's job to selling the old future world domination.  It's all baby steps.

Sadly, there are no photos in this blog entry.  Our computer won't turn on!  I'm not sure why.  Hopefully our bro-in-law can use his computer super powers and help us figure out why.  Hopefully it'll be something simple that won't require a new computer.  And, if it does require a new computer, hopefully we'll be able to get the thousands of photos off the old one.

We are settling more and more into the new house.  Almost everything is unpacked.  The school room and office are the ones awaiting some new furniture so we can completely unpack.  Tyler is the unpacking king.  Seriously.  It's like he's a robot.  

Which reminds me...

The kids were upstairs playing.  Tyler and I were talking at the bottom of the stairs, and we heard TS yell, "I'm sorry!" as Violet appeared at the top of the stairs.  She looked very dejected.  She had her head bowed as low as it could go, as she shuffled very slowly, very dramatically down the stairs.  We watched her take slow step after slow step down the stairs.  She looked like life was almost not worth living anymore.  I wondered what it was TS had said to her.  Finally she reached the step Tyler was sitting on, and she leaned forward for him to hug her.  He wrapped his arms around her, and she fell against his shoulder, the will to live almost completely gone by then.  While it was incredibly dramatic, and adorably cute, we both felt really bad for her because she was obviously really hurt by whatever had gone on.  We asked her what happened.  It took her a moment to gather herself enough to speak, and she said, "Tyler told me that Snow White is a robot."

I couldn't speak for a second.  Tyler had the advantage of having his face behind her head, so he was free to make whatever face he wanted, which looked like he was ready to laugh.  I had to walk a few feet away so I could let the laugh out (I'm a total loser when it comes to holding laughs in).  Anyway, we assured her that Snow White wasn't a robot, and she went off to play.

Which reminds me...

A few days after we moved into our new house, the security system guys showed up.  We were in the living room talking about where to install things, and I was holding Ella.  I was positioned so that my back was to the big backyard window, and the security system guys were facing the backyard window.  The kids were back there playing.  

As we spoke, Ella passed gas really loud (as most babies do).  It was loud enough that we couldn't exactly ignore it.  They started laughing.  I blamed Ella (since it was her).  Then we moved along.  A couple minutes later, as we were still standing there speaking, I glance out the backyard window just in time to see TS, oblivious of the security system guys, run and stand in front of the window, drop his pants to his ankles, and pee, aiming his spout backwards between his legs so he was peeing behind himself.  My thought process was along the lines of, "What the crap?!"   Then I thought, but didn't say, something along the lines of "Welcome to our home where we find you so much a part of our family that we pee and fart in front of you in the first five minutes."  

Then a little while later, the kids were in the house.  TS was sitting on the stairs, and he said, "Mom, I'm going to tell them that they are brothers of my spirit."  He immediately stands up, and in a very serious tone, he says, "Guys, you're brothers of my--" and I cut him off, telling him they need to work, and we should leave them alone.  (It made me laugh really hard.)  

Then a couple minutes later, Violet was watching the guys install things.  She yelled really loud, "Mom, are they twins?"  She repeated it several times quickly.  I look at them, one guy is black, and one guy is white.  One was tall and slender, the other one short and plump. The only thing similar is that they are wearing matching shirts.  Obviously that makes them twins.

Anyway, it's almost a pointless story.  It was kind of the "can't you just pretend you're all normal while we have guests over for an hour?!"  At least Emma didn't go up to one of them, show them her hands and say "I have no thumbs" like she did to the internet guy a year or two ago...

Which reminds me...

Ella was needing to go down for a nap.  I wrapped her up like I do when I put her to bed, and sat her by Violet on the couch for a few minutes while I finished what I was doing.  When I came back, Ella was asleep.  I didn't know if she had just barely closed her eyes or if it had been five minutes, so I asked Violet, "How long has she been asleep?"  Violet paused ever so briefly and said matter of factly, "40 hours".  

Okay, that's all of my "which reminds me" stories.  Hopefully I will have photos to post next time because I am obsessed with photos and will die if I can't use the computer to download them and post them!  

I hope you're all doing well!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

visit with my sista

I was looking through our photos and realized I forgot to post these!  My sister came to visit with her five kids about a month ago-ish.  I have a lot of sisters, and this is the one just older than me.  It was a very quick visit (only a couple hours), but it was lots of fun to have her drop by.  I wish we could see each other more!  (as I wish with all my sisters...)

I'm sure it's totally unexpected I'd do this, but I took some photos while they were here.  Here are some when the kids were all jumping together.  The two little boys in the middle (TS and G-Dawg) are three months apart, TS being slightly younger.  Then the two girls, Emma & Hats.  Emma is 10 months older, but the top of her head probably only goes to Hats nose.  I sometimes forget how little she is until she's around kids her age. (And, no, those aren't their real names.  My sister is more private with stuff online, so I have made up some gangsta names for them.) 

BELOW:  This is about the height difference for Emma & Hats, just a touch off.  TS is quite a bit smaller than G-Dawg too.  TS is actually very little for his age...except his head which seems to rank a bit higher than average on the growth charts (hehe).  My kids all have proportionally large noggins except Violet.  I think it's cute and cartoonish.  They're like little lollipops, except they don't taste very good and they don't appreciate being licked.  TS is officially in size 4 now (about the time he turned five).

I like the progression.

I couldn't get a good photo of the two little girls.  Vi and Tab.  But, this was cute.  I'm pretty sure Vi was telling Tabs about her shoes.  Vi is such a girl when it comes to clothes and shoes.  I look forward to the day she can tell me what to wear...  But these little girls are so cute together!  

BELOW:  Here's another one of my sister's daughters.  She's the one sitting in front of Emma that you can barely see!  haha.  She is 13 months older than Emma. (I was wanting photos, but I didn't want to take a really long time to take them since I wanted to visit my sister and wasn't going to see her for very long...better ones next time, hopefully!)

It was so fun having them come.  The visit was waaaaaay too short.  We almost moved down to live by them, but in the end, things worked out differently.  Speaking of which, I suppose I should write that out sometime soon about Tyler's job.

But, until then, here is another photo: 

You may wonder (or you may not, especially if you have multiple small children) why he is outside jumping on the trampoline naked.  I mean, WHERE IS HIS MOTHER?!  I asked myself the same thing.  Okay, not really.  I knew where I was.  This is how it went:

TS:  "Mom, can I go outside and play in the backyard?"  He was fully clothed when he asked me.
ME:  It had just rained and was muddy.  "If you only stay on the trampoline, you can go play."
TS:  "Okay, I will."
ME:  I watched him go outside & then sat at the kitchen table to keep an eye out through the back door.  His sisters followed him.  Rhys needed help getting outside, so I got her ready.  A few minutes later I was back & walking Rhys out just in time to see TS pulling off the last of his clothes.  My thought process was something like, "What the crap?!"  And then I got my camera.  Then I asked him, "Why are you naked?"
TS:  "I didn't want my clothes to get wet."  (The trampoline was wet.)

See, it all makes sense now.  He was being considerate.  Sort of.  (I wouldn't consider the position he was in, in the photo below, to be all that considerate.  He was looking very closely at a tiny bug.)

Sorry, neighbors, if you saw him jumping in the nude.  Actually, no, I'm not sorry.  Our next door neighbors were the sort where the mom would probably walk outside in the nude.  I mean, she was such a floozy!  (haha...just had to say that since I know they read our blog...hehe.  You guys need to come move over here!)

More photos soon...

Monday, April 16, 2012

walking the dogs

Uncle Rob (my sister's hubby) enjoys taking the kids on walks with their two dogs.  He lets the kids hold the leashes and walk the dogs.  It's really quite adorable.  When we were in the process of settling, right after moving, he came over to help entertain the kids.  I went so Rhys could go (she likes to randomly dart into the road or wherever her little heart decides).  We had been busy working/cleaning all day, so it was a nice break!  Here are some photos of our walk. 

TS walking Rhiannon (sp?), and Emma is walking Tennant (sp?) in the background:

Splashing in puddles.  It always reminds me of Nina!  (She was our little friend who passed away from FA):

Violet is wearing the little girl version of "baby legs", but they shrunk in the wash or something.  They used to go from ankle to top of thigh - looked like leggings.  Not so much anymore....

(next three photos - courtesy of Rob)
Here we were reenacting parts of pioneer treks across the plains.  Or not. It was a long walk, across many states.

Isn't she so such a cute dog?  (The dog, not Emma. Though, Emma is cute too!)

Rhys got stuck staring at whatever it was.  She thought it was very exciting.  She did this for most of the walk it seemed (and, yes, I realize her shoes don't match...we were limited on shoes/clothes):

Kids talking while Rob got Rhys set up to walk Rhiannon:

Walking a dog FIRST TIME EVER:

sooooo cute:

heading home:

Love this photo:

They really like their Uncle Rob (it's so hard not to type Uncle Bob...he doesn't go by Bob, but it's fun to call him that).  Thanks for taking them on walks & being an awesome uncle!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

ella at six months

Ella is already six months old!  How does this happen?!  She is such a fun little baby.  So sparkly and sweet and full of smiles and squeals.  She likes to have smiling competitions with me.  She'll smile, I'll smile.  It'll make her smile more, which then makes me smile more.  Then somehow she still manages to smile bigger, and then I explode.

She has mad rolling skills.  She'll roll back and forth and wiggle around the room.  I'm not sure she's quite scooting yet, but she gets around pretty well.

See, look at her smile!  I just want to EAT HER!  (of course, not literally...)

Even her armpit is cute!

While caught in mid-blink, I still think it's very sweet.  Then she started crying...

I need to get a photo, but she has this funny "skill" that whenever I hand her something, as she reaches to take it, she simultaneously pops her legs up in the air (45 degree angle or so...haha), stick straight, and stuck together.  Sometimes I'll hand her stuff just to see her legs pop up stick straight.  hehe.  It's so funny.  I don't remember our other kids doing that.

She's handling the move pretty well.  For the first several days, when I was leaving regularly to finish up at the old house, she was watched by my sister.  She did okay, and loved her auntie, but definitely wanted her momma.  So, many times I didn't leave unless she was sleeping, which also meant many late nights cleaning over there.  We're all glad that part is over!  It's much less exhausting now.

I still have more photos awaiting posting.  I'll do that soon.  Apparently the next couple days are supposed to be full of storms.  Hopefully we won't die in tornadoes.  A week ago-ish, there were at least 17 tornadoes in our area but no fatalities.  So, fingers crossed tornadoes stay away.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

there's a loss in every move

You know how moves can cause the breakage of many items?  A friend's family just moved, and they had a ton of stuff broken.  Of course, they were traveling over 30 hours.  We traveled about 1 minute.  

Luckily not a lot was broken.  So far I've only found one plate that broke into pieces.  Everything else was fine.  And, actually, the item I'm about to show you wasn't actually broken with the moving, but it did break when I was cleaning up toys that were being played with that weren't technically unpacked yet.  So, I'm still including it with the move, though it's not really.

See this porcelain doll?

Notice anything missing?

I was tossing toys in their bins to clean up and accidentally missed and knocked Bell off the top of the stairs (she was sitting on the ledge). 

When Emma brought her to me, she had been a little bit broken:

Yeah, her arms fell off.

They were broken off too.  Not really any way to put them back on.  Though, there is always duct tape...

It was the cause of much laughter, though it doesn't seem as funny as I write this.

Glad that was the only thing that broke from the move (even though it didn't break from the move).  


While the kids have done pretty well with the move, Rhys has struggled a bit.  She's been cutting a couple teeth, so the timing is bad for her.  She has been having extreme mood swing - happy and playing to screaming and crying.  Here I was taking pics of Violet (the ones below) and Rhys went from happy to crying in the blink of an eye.  Luckily she seems to be feeling better (along with trying to hold her as much as possible) and she is feeling much happier.

Violet was a little bit on the dramatic side too.  Here she is "stuck" on the toy:

This was supposed to be a happy shot until a sudden mood change (don't you just want to hug her?!  I do!):

And, here IS a happy shot:

They were jumping on the trampoline in the rain.  

And, here is TS comforting Violet who had gotten upset at Emma.  It was very sweet.  (Don't mind TS' hair.  I know it looks kinda awful!  He really needs it cut...or brushed.  At least it gets washed!).

This was back at the old house.  TS was emptying the dishwasher.  He went and put his headband on because he was getting sweaty from all the work...of emptying the bottom part of the dishwasher...which he only had to empty a few plates and silverware.  hehe.

And, he decided to help me pack.  This was how he packed a box completely on his own.  SO CUTE:

He was very, very proud of himself for doing that himself.  It looked much funnier in real life.  It made me laugh pretty good.  Little kids are so cute.  The way they think about things cracks me up.

Anyway, we are settling well.  So glad the kids are winding down and settling back into their more normal selves, especially Rhys.  Though tonight and last night, she is doing her thing where she won't go to sleep for forever!  I think she might be teething again.  It makes for exhausting nights...and days.  But, it's a relief to have her mood improving.  When they are all grumpy, it makes for a bit more stressful days.  It helps when they get to bed on time!

Some have asked about Tyler's job.  I'll try to write about that soon.  I should go...more pics to come later.