Monday, March 31, 2014

dance of the fairies

Today all the girls dressed up in their fairy dresses and went out jumping on the trampoline, since that's obviously what fairies do.

The sky was dark in the distance, and we could hear the rumblings of thunder - really relaxing, pretty day!

Rhys and Emma were bouncing Violet and Ella.  It was cute.

Ella has learned the art of jumping recently!  So cute!

And, here's Emma jumping...(click to see larger, for full effect)

This girl will never be serious!  She cracked me up.

(In case you wonder, Emma lost a lot of weight from transplant and is having a hard time regaining it.)

And, it didn't stop there.  Emma kept pulling a face in every photo she could, even in the background, as seen below (so keep your eye on Emma!):

My conclusion is that her bone marrow transplant - maybe all the drugs from it - has made her insane.

Actually, my real conclusion is that Emma is simply hilarious and knows she has the gift-of-making-really-weird-faces and isn't afraid to use it!

Violet found a little violet flower:

Fairy Violet:

And, then Fairy Rhys...

This is her trying-to-look-grumpy face:

If you're wondering about the boy, he didn't dress up in a fairy dress.  Instead, he dressed up in his mother's t-shirt because his freakin mom got behind on the laundry, and he ran out of clothes.  (What kind of mother does that?!!  Oh wait...that's me...).  Have no fear, it was short lived and soon he was back in his clothes again.

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