Sunday, July 20, 2014


This past month has been the month from HELLo!

It seems that when the days get long, the kids sleep worse.  Happens each year.  With four kids born within five years (and the fact I don't do cry-it-out or want them scared at night), I'm used to sleep deprivation, but this was getting a little crazy.  There was literally NO WAY to get enough sleep, no matter how early I went to bed....since...I also have to take care of them during the day.  (A conundrum for many mothers of young children.)

So, we did a few things:

1. We got them sleeping masks, which they loved to wear around the house like headbands, as our little model is more than happy to model for you:

(Yeah, I noticed the holes in her pants around the time I was taking the photo.  It seems like we just bought her those clothes!)

2. The second thing we did to help the kids stay in bed was make a reward chart.  To make the chart, I took a piece of paper, grabbed a marker, drew a chart, and then taped it to the wall.  (Because that's how creative I am when I'm desperate).  If they stayed in bed for FIVE days, they'd get a reward.

Actually, it's really called bribing them.  We bribed them.  Then we begged them.  Then I cried dramatically for a while.  

3.  I feel like there should be a #3.  But there really isn't.  Those are the two things we did.  Oh, wait.  There is a #3!!  We also adjusted their sleeping arrangement, which seemed to help, after initially making it worse.

Anyway, it only took like THREE WEEKS, and we're sleeping better than ever since having kids!  For the most part, the kids aren't waking me up at night like before and are sleeping better (I know, tonight is bound to be horrible since I'm saying how good it's been going.).

I am so relieved.  I feel like my brain is reactivating and life is returning back to normal.

But that's why we've been MIA.  Haven't had energy to do much else.  Though, I have still been taking some photos!

Here are some photos with the kitty cat:

Violet fell asleep on our bed...kitty did too:

The cat is sleeping with a sleeping Rhys:

This photo makes me laugh because Violet looks a little bit crazy.

And, I thought this was sweet.  (It's one of those types of photos that looks better the bigger it is):

 More update is coming, but this is already long enough!  ;)