Wednesday, May 30, 2012

hair & swimming

I'm attempting to learn how to use RAW files with my photos instead of jpg.  Actually, I have it set to take both per shot, so that I can choose.  I hear they are better to edit when in raw, and I'm finding this is true.  I still have a lot to learn about them, but I like it so far!  So, for my fellow pretend photographers, lets shoot in raw together!  Then we can unite with all the left handed people and take over the world!

But, in the meantime, here are some photos of my new hairdo:

BEFORE:  I did like it long.  But, each time I have a baby, I shed massively and have a ton of regrowth (by massively, I mean, I literally get bald spots in the "mickey mouse ears" part of my hairline, my hair feels about 1/3 thinner, and my hair line seems to move back 1/4-1/2 inch from shedding so much.  I HATE IT.  After about a month of two of falling out, it'll start to grow back).  I'm kind of like a tree, only instead of determining my age based off of the number of rings, you can base the number of children I've had based off of how many different lengths I have to my hair!  :-)

Back to the before photo, taken very late at night when I was very, very tired:

Definitely needed several inches chopped off:

I have side bangs!  I used to be a bang hater, but now I love them. 

It's really fun how much easier it is for my hair to feel fuller and not so thin.  One day I might grow it back out, but for now, I really like it!

I'll try posting a non-camera phone photo someday soon, but by the time I thought of having Ty take one, Emma had already done my hair, and it looked like this below (the rest was pulled back in a ponytail):

After the haircut, my sister watched the kids, except Ella (she's my little nursling, so she is never too far away!).  I think the last time we went on a date was...hmmm...maybe a couple years ago?  I really can't remember.  We do have dates in the living room, but it's kind of novel to actually leave the house together. 

Here's proof that we actually went somewhere:

We went to Applebee's during their old people hour, apparently.  Good thing we like old people!  It was kind of funny, though, because I'm pretty sure we were BY FAR the youngest people there. 

One lovely lady at the table next to us, (a youngin compared to the rest.  I think she was probably only 50-60 years old) had trotted off somewhere (not literally trotting).  I noticed when she came back because she was laying on the floor.  It took me a second to realize she had forgotten there were steps, and she tripped and fell.  Flat on the ground.  Face and all.  She hopped up with a smile on her face and sat down. 

Since I was raised with savages (all sisters), I find inappropriate things to be really funny.  But I managed to not laugh!  I don't think I even cracked a smile.  I actually felt really bad for her because it had to be SO EMBARRASSING.  (I am clearly a very compassionate person since I'm now posting it on our blog for all to see.  If only I had taken a photo of her, or asked her to lay back down to reenact it, so then I could post a photo.).  But a nearby table, they couldn't control themselves.  They were hysterically laughing.  It probably lasted for 10 minutes or so.  It was hard to not laugh at how they were laughing.  The lady didn't seem bothered at all.  She might be like me and my sisters, it makes us feel better when someone laughs at us when we do stuff like that.  She was from out of town, and I think she was glad she was. 

We're pretty creative with our dates.  After Applebee's, we went to Lowe's and Super Target and bought the kids a pool: 

Rhys especially loved it.  Oh, and we bought them all buckets and shovels.

They even went swimming in it:

Had a couple water fights:

My sister was there and couldn't stop laughing.  It looked so funny to have four crammed in this tiny pool.  We have a pool about a two minute walk away.  It's part of the neighborhood, but I wanted some type of water toy in the backyard.  We still have that big water slide pool that I need to see about getting out sometime...

Anyway, baby is crying.  Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Your hair really does look SO good on you. You almost don't notice your nostrils. :-) (FYI: I don't ever notice your nostrils when they're not the subject of conversation.)
    I still keep laughing and laughing when I look at the pool photos. I'm so glad I was there to see it in person.

  2. LOVE your hair, especially the way Emma styled it. The kids in the pool made me think of Ani in the "Swimming Bowl" when she was about 4-5 and we were reshingling the roof in Mendon. Remember that? She was having soooo much fun sitting in it, but I felt so bad for her that I drove to WalMart and bought her a little pool. Ha ha.

    1. Yes, I remember! Soooo funny! Poor little Ani:-) Rhys was excited like that. The other three, not so much. They enjoyed it, but not as much as usual. Emma was confused. "Mom, why did you buy that?"