Sunday, May 6, 2012


My favorite food...PHO.  It's soooooooo yummy. 


I know, I know.  The excitement on their faces is contagious.  (Okay, so last time we had this, they LOVED it.  This time, not so much for some reason.  I was fine with it since it left more for me!!).

 Violet watching the world go by:
 I thought she looked so cute.  She was happily sitting there watching everything.

 Pics of Grandma and Ella:

We don't eat ice cream a whole lot typically, but we went out to eat some ice cream a couple times.  It was fun.  Emma might have had ice cream cones before, but she was really, really little, if she had, and had no memory of it.  The other kids never had.  So, it was fun for them to get to do that.  Emma couldn't remember what they were called (they've had ice cream, just not in cones).  After the first time she had one, she asked the next day for more (this is also where her hearing impairment plays a role).  This is how our conversation went:

Emma:  "Can I have an ice cream cube?"

Me:  "You mean cone?"

Emma:  "Can I have an ice cream come?"

Me:  "Cone."

Emma:  "Can I have an ice cream comb?"

Me:  (haha) "Cone."  She watched me that time so that she could figure out what I was saying exactly.  She got it right after that.  We found it amusing.

This time when we went to Braums, we decided to get the kids out of the van so they could eat without it being too messy in the van (used a grassy area in the parking lot).  As I was handing them their cubes/comes/combs/cones, I was reaching over TS to give Emma hers, and TS wasn't looking at what he was doing with his cone, and he accidentally stuck it in my armpit.  That was pretty funny.  Who gets accidentally poked in the armpit with an ice cream cone?  Luckily I had handy wetwipes to clean it up.

And some in sepia and b&w:

It was fun having my momma come and visit.  I'll try to remember next time when she's coming to visit so I can shower before she gets here...


  1. I love pho too. Do you make it, or did you order it in? Love the pictures and your family too;-)

    1. We got take out. Do you make yours?!! If so, pass the recipes along! I'd love to try it.