Sunday, April 22, 2012

the old house

We have some fun news.  Someone is in the process of buying our house!  We've had it up for sale for two weeks and have had three offers on it, the third one being the best.  We had one offer that we were in the process of signing papers for when we found out about another offer (the third offer).  The third offer couple found out we were almost done agreeing to a different offer, so they offered the best deal they could, and we couldn't say no.  It was really exciting it worked out as it did.  (I hope the other buyers find a nice home quickly!)

If anyone local is wanting to sell their house, I highly recommend the realtor we are using.  She was referred to me by a friend who sold her house quickly as well.  She's a Dave Ramsey recommended realtor.  She really knows her stuff!  We made sure to do everything she suggested (from painting all the walls a nice tan color to using specific air freshners in the home to make it more appealing to the senses).  It's amazing how simple things can help so much.  Our neighborhood has a lot of homes for sale, so we weren't sure if we were going to be able to sell ours.  I highly recommend her.  Email me if you want details (or just leave a comment with your email address if you don't already know my email).

We really feel like the Lord has been watching over us through all of this.  From this new house to Tyler's job to selling the old future world domination.  It's all baby steps.

Sadly, there are no photos in this blog entry.  Our computer won't turn on!  I'm not sure why.  Hopefully our bro-in-law can use his computer super powers and help us figure out why.  Hopefully it'll be something simple that won't require a new computer.  And, if it does require a new computer, hopefully we'll be able to get the thousands of photos off the old one.

We are settling more and more into the new house.  Almost everything is unpacked.  The school room and office are the ones awaiting some new furniture so we can completely unpack.  Tyler is the unpacking king.  Seriously.  It's like he's a robot.  

Which reminds me...

The kids were upstairs playing.  Tyler and I were talking at the bottom of the stairs, and we heard TS yell, "I'm sorry!" as Violet appeared at the top of the stairs.  She looked very dejected.  She had her head bowed as low as it could go, as she shuffled very slowly, very dramatically down the stairs.  We watched her take slow step after slow step down the stairs.  She looked like life was almost not worth living anymore.  I wondered what it was TS had said to her.  Finally she reached the step Tyler was sitting on, and she leaned forward for him to hug her.  He wrapped his arms around her, and she fell against his shoulder, the will to live almost completely gone by then.  While it was incredibly dramatic, and adorably cute, we both felt really bad for her because she was obviously really hurt by whatever had gone on.  We asked her what happened.  It took her a moment to gather herself enough to speak, and she said, "Tyler told me that Snow White is a robot."

I couldn't speak for a second.  Tyler had the advantage of having his face behind her head, so he was free to make whatever face he wanted, which looked like he was ready to laugh.  I had to walk a few feet away so I could let the laugh out (I'm a total loser when it comes to holding laughs in).  Anyway, we assured her that Snow White wasn't a robot, and she went off to play.

Which reminds me...

A few days after we moved into our new house, the security system guys showed up.  We were in the living room talking about where to install things, and I was holding Ella.  I was positioned so that my back was to the big backyard window, and the security system guys were facing the backyard window.  The kids were back there playing.  

As we spoke, Ella passed gas really loud (as most babies do).  It was loud enough that we couldn't exactly ignore it.  They started laughing.  I blamed Ella (since it was her).  Then we moved along.  A couple minutes later, as we were still standing there speaking, I glance out the backyard window just in time to see TS, oblivious of the security system guys, run and stand in front of the window, drop his pants to his ankles, and pee, aiming his spout backwards between his legs so he was peeing behind himself.  My thought process was along the lines of, "What the crap?!"   Then I thought, but didn't say, something along the lines of "Welcome to our home where we find you so much a part of our family that we pee and fart in front of you in the first five minutes."  

Then a little while later, the kids were in the house.  TS was sitting on the stairs, and he said, "Mom, I'm going to tell them that they are brothers of my spirit."  He immediately stands up, and in a very serious tone, he says, "Guys, you're brothers of my--" and I cut him off, telling him they need to work, and we should leave them alone.  (It made me laugh really hard.)  

Then a couple minutes later, Violet was watching the guys install things.  She yelled really loud, "Mom, are they twins?"  She repeated it several times quickly.  I look at them, one guy is black, and one guy is white.  One was tall and slender, the other one short and plump. The only thing similar is that they are wearing matching shirts.  Obviously that makes them twins.

Anyway, it's almost a pointless story.  It was kind of the "can't you just pretend you're all normal while we have guests over for an hour?!"  At least Emma didn't go up to one of them, show them her hands and say "I have no thumbs" like she did to the internet guy a year or two ago...

Which reminds me...

Ella was needing to go down for a nap.  I wrapped her up like I do when I put her to bed, and sat her by Violet on the couch for a few minutes while I finished what I was doing.  When I came back, Ella was asleep.  I didn't know if she had just barely closed her eyes or if it had been five minutes, so I asked Violet, "How long has she been asleep?"  Violet paused ever so briefly and said matter of factly, "40 hours".  

Okay, that's all of my "which reminds me" stories.  Hopefully I will have photos to post next time because I am obsessed with photos and will die if I can't use the computer to download them and post them!  

I hope you're all doing well!


  1. Snow white is a robot. I actually LOLed. Really! I am really enjoying this phase we are in now, where my kiddos are getting older (12, 9, 7, 5 & 2), but reading your posts always makes me miss when they were all really little. Your family is so precious! Thank you for sharing the joys!

    1. Haha...thanks, Hannah! Your kids still seem really young to me. Except that 12 year old. How do they age so fast?!

  2. I love your family. :) of course your storytelling skills have a lot to do with my laughing since I can picture you telling this. When are you going to write that book?
    You can send any stray buyers our way. ;)

    1. Thanks, AJ! We miss you guys (have long before you moved away!). I can't imagine how frustrating it is to not get your house sold. I drove by it the other day and saw your fabulous sign in your yard. Have you considered renting it? We were going to rent ours out in June if it didn't sell.

  3. heheee!! so cute and funny! =) you're a good story teller! =)