Friday, February 15, 2013


So, as of just a few hours ago, I started a Facebook page for our blog.  It's for those who want more "real time" updates (like if Emma is in the hospital) or for those who prefer Facebook over blogs.  I'll still be updating this blog, just as I always have.  So, if you hate FB, just stay here like usual, and it'll remain the same.

I realized back a few weeks ago when Emma was in the hospital that some people (friends on FB) were getting better updates than others were, and I'd really like to offer a page where anyone who wants to can follow along, while allowing us to keep our privacy.  (I think it might work even if you aren't on FB at all.  You just won't be notified of it like you would if you were signed up with FB.)

I have a hard time keeping everyone updated - thinking mostly of during more critical times when I only get a few seconds here or there to update a FB status and not enough time to update a blog entry.  So, hopefully this will help!  This will be a little more focused on just Emma for right now, but it will also include our other children.

You can go HERE and click "like".  If you want it to notify you (like a text message instead of just in your newsfeed), you can click and hold on "like" and choose "get notifications".

Thanks everyone.  :)

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  1. Well, I got your newsletter today. I am glad everyone is hanging in there. You will know in your gut they say. I am happy you are giving Emma some choices on her care. She is one strong girl to be living with this for 10 years. I signed up on FB page to keep up with your family. Take care of yourself, we all know how well you take of your Big and Little ones.