Thursday, February 23, 2012


Rhys is, for lack of a better word, a slob.  At least when it comes to eating.  Or when she touches anything.

If we let her get to close to food, bad things happen...

Yes, she popped a squat right there as she was eating.  It's like she's this wild savage stuffing food in her mouth by the handful.  (Since, you know, savages like to squat on highchairs.)  See the crazy look in her eyes?  Or her eye, since you can't see her other eye.

As you can see above, someone made a pretty big mess on, and under, the kitchen table.  From Rhys' expression, it looks like she's not sure who did it either.  It was her, though!  Like the table cloth?  Too much on one side?  I promise I don't leave her in there for hours.  She's ninja fast in creating her whirlwind of destruction!  Sometimes I get up to grab a towel, and while I have my back turned, she's rearranging the table. 

Having a wee babe to take care of, as well as a very young toddler, has proven to be a challenge.  It can be hard to hold baby, feed myself, and feed Rhys.  So, there are times she gets to stuff her own face (literally).  After one too many times like the photo above, we've rearranged things and I try to feed her no matter what might be going on!  It's just too much work to try and keep the kitchen clean if she's been in it!  She doesn't always like it, though.  She really prefers to feed herself.  Maybe when she's a little older.

She also really likes to climb on things.  We heard her crying in the other room.  When we went in, we found her here. It must be frustrating to accidentally find yourself stuck on a shelf.

Rhys is such a sweet little girl!  She definitely keeps me on my toes, though, she isn't always a little tornado of disaster like it must seems like she is from the photos above!  I'm so thankful she has a really gentle personality and is quite patient.  It makes it so much more doable to manage the house with some semblance of order and sanity with so many young ones.

Speaking of which, here are a few more of the younglings:


  1. she is so beautiful...and getting so big.

  2. I'm so glad you were in the right mind set to take a picture of Rhys while she was stuck in the cupboard before helping her out of it. That picture made me laugh so hard!

    1. haha! Tyler thought I was a little bit of an odd duck for grabbing the camera instead of getting her down. But I couldn't resist the photo! It was cute.

  3. great photos! cracking up about the shelf photo! my youngest does things just like that! and i need to start running for the camera first, then rescuing the child- non emergency only! haha! =)