Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Since five months has gone by since Ella's birth that's supposed to mean Ella is five months old.  I'm not convinced.  But whatever.

A little about her:  She's taking driving lessons and is often found practicing karate.  But her real passion is in learning to use chopsticks.


She likes to be held all the time and is a little slobbering chatterbox.  She LOVES to play with our hands.  If our hand is near her, she wants it in her mouth.  She's a little obsessive about it...in a very cute way.  She also likes to smile and is getting the laughing thing down. No rolling over yet.  Might be because someone is usually holding her.  She deals with four adoring siblings quite well!  She's a little snuggle bug and we love all the slobbery kisses we can get!

Here's a little photoshoot with the Ella.  I decided to try a black background this time (big black fleece material). Once day I hope for a real backdrop and better lighting! 

Decided to try sitting.  She fell over.

 Tried sitting again, propped her up.  Pretty sure this is when she started loading her diaper.

Fell over...

Falling forward and probably wishing she had better use of her arms.  At least she had her mouth open to stop her fall.

I propped her back up, and then enters DADDY.  (no, he's not hiding in the picture.  he's standing next to me.)

It's so cute to see the big smiles she gave him.  Of course, the flash on my camera decided it needed a break from all the previous pics, so I about screamed that it wasn't taking pics.  Luckily for us all, I've learned how to take pics without a flash!  Yay for an awesome camera!  I want some of those nice photography light thingys one day...

And then she burped...brings a new meaning to 'Our little TASTE of Heaven'.

Anyone want a kiss?  It's about this time daddy excused himself from the room...

Then I realized I had her shirt on backwards.  So, I fixed it. I'd love to blame Tyler for that one, but I'd be lying. 

Then she started crying, so we were done.  Isn't that precious?!  A poopy, spitting up baby with her shirt on backwards.  Who could ask for more?  Such is life with a wee babe!

We love you, Ella!!

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  1. cracking up!! she is sooo cute!! where does the time go????