Sunday, February 19, 2012


Since we're starting a new blog, I thought it would be a convenient time to change how I do the photos too - and here's a brief story as to why I'm doing this:

Once upon a time, someone I didn't know took photos from our blog and posted them on their site, labeling the photos as though it was them.  It was a photo of me and one of my babies, right after they were born.  They were pretending it was them. 

Since then I've been wanting to put a watermark on our photos to label them as ours, but I didn't want to put our last name on every photo because I'd prefer more privacy than that.  Now with the blog name change, I am much more comfortable putting the blog name on the photos. 

I didn't want to put a watermark across the whole photo because it seems to ruin the photo, so this is my compromise.  I know someone could crop it out of the photos, but it would take more work than a quick steal like this other person did. 

The reason I'm explaining this is because while some people could care less about watermarks, there are others who really don't like them.  I figured if I explained why I'm using them, you'd not mind it so much.  If you ever want to take one of my photos and post it on your blog and pretend like it's you, just let me know, and I'll remove the watermark for you.  hehe.  No, for real, though, if you ever want a photo for printing, just email and ask me.

So much to write, so little time!  Here are a few recent photos:

Babies are highly amusing, such as when they drop their toys and can't find them.  You know, like that big blue phone laying under her chin?

TS dressed for church.  He loves his new sunglasses.  I think he looks rather spy-like.  

Emma and Ella hanging out being cute:

A photo of Vi dressed for church.  She loves her sunglasses too, as you can see.  She was so funny when I was taking her pic.  She would not smile.  I thought this was a funny pic:

I have much more to update on before my short term memory forgets about it and it gets lost forever in my mind.  I was reading that sleep deprivation prevents the brain from storing things in long term memory.  (I'm putting that here for when I forget that I read that.)  Right now we're pretty sleep deprived between all the kids.  Excluding Ella, they all sleep pretty good.  But all combined, it can make for regular interruption.  Good thing I have a blog to write it all down on!

Please keep the FA families in your prayer, as several have lost their children recently.  So heartbreaking.

Hope you're all doing well!

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