Sunday, July 15, 2012

dinner tonight

During dinner tonight, Rhys seemed interested in a different meal:

Just kidding, she didn't make it a meal, or even a snack, she just kept resting her finger in there.  Yes, even long enough for me to run and grab the camera.

Violet, who is normally a very clean little eater, decided to walk on the wild side and literally stuff her face.  I let her.  Everyone needs a moment where they can explore their creativity when they eat, right?

I suppose it would have been easier to see the food on her face if I hadn't changed the color, but...I had to make them match the other photos on here...  She was quite entertaining and made us all laugh.  We'll see if she will go back to eating normal again or if we permanently damaged her by letting her do this once (ha!).

And, no.  I don't think Ella could be any cuter.


  1. Was it your Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing that got her so excited with her eating?? Seemed to work for your hubby!!! xxx

    1. Haha...he drank it all & I've yet to make more. But I'll have to try that on food she refuses to eat!

  2. I love how you let your children be children, explore, & just have fun! Pictures are worth a thousand words & your & Tyler clearly are wonderful parents! Those children are blessed to have you as parents just as you are blessed to have them as your babies!