Thursday, July 19, 2012

guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs

My sister & niece brought over some guinea pigs that they are babysitting.  The kids loved it.  Rhys was soooo excited.  She loved feeding them lettuce.  She also loved trying to eat the lettuce with them (gag).


Ella has a new favorite play spot.


baby gate

I was in the craft/school room, and Ella crawled over to the gate and was squealing and smiling.  It was so cute (usually she's in the room with me, but she decided to stand at the gate):

Still squealing and being cute...

On the verge of not being so happy & squeally:
Rhys had been walking around by her a lot, so I wasn't expecting her to bop her on the head, which is why I have these photos...

And, now she's not so happy & squealy...and ready for some huggin!


  1. Oh no! Head knocker Rhys!!! Cute!
    My 2 love guinea pigs... We promised jasper one when if our dog ever passed away... He died in November... We still don't have a guinea pig... Maybe for Christmas.
    They are kind of gross and kind of cute!!
    Loving the pics, ninja mom,

    1. Haha...I love the description of "gross and cute" to describe guinea pigs. We had a guinea pig that was a spawn of Satan and so we probably won't get another one for a while. Oh, and Emma (1 yr old) ate its poop twice (looks like chocolate coated her mouth...and I'm supposed to fish out the remaining poop without puking, how?!).

  2. I LOVE her legs!!! Oh my gosh! They look so cute and squishy! How come my legs are squishy and not cute...not fair. Miss you guys!

    1. Thanks! And I think we should try to modify the publics view on women's legs. Rolls like this should look good on us too! :-)