Thursday, July 26, 2012

hair: part 2

Here are some better photos of Rhys' hair (same as I posted on FB).  At some point last night, I switched from feeling sad about it to thinking it was just about the funniest thing ever, and I couldn't stop laughing whenever I saw her or looked at the pictures or thought about it.  Part of what seemed so funny (besides the fact that she has a balding man hairstyle now) is that most little people that I know, two of my other kids included, when they get the scissors, long hair becomes short in big chunks.  Or bangs get chopped off.  Or something like that.  Why in the world would we have ever expected her to cut her hair to her scalp in a huge section and look like a bald man?!  hahahaha!!  Or, my sweet little Rhys.  You're a weirdo.  (If you missed what Rhys looked like before, check out the previous entry or go HERE.)

See, not quite a mullet since her sides are still long.  I think I've settled on keeping the rest of her hair this length as we wait for the top to grow back out, then we'll let it all grow out.  I really don't want to do much to the rest of her hair right now.  Of course, that's all subject to change!

And, here's what she looks like with a headband.  It covers it pretty good!

She seems completely clueless as to what she has done to her hair.  We have all the scissors locked up in a secret location now.  Hopefully she won't get a hold of them again.  Who knows what she might do then.  Maybe further the balding man hairline?

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  1. It's a good idea to just say the scissors are in a "secret location"... Otherwise I might come over and do the same thing to my hair!!!
    It looks pretty with the head band on. What a sweet thing Rhys is!