Monday, March 18, 2013

Bone Marrow Match Update

We got an email today from the transplant center that is helping us find a match.  They said they received Emma's updated HLA typing (bone marrow type) and compared it to the bone marrow registry database.  They found potential matches, but they will have to do more testing to determine whether or not someone is a full match.  The reason is, when the potential donors signed up on the bone marrow registry, it was a while back, and the testing they did isn't as detailed as the testing is now.  So, they'll call in people and do further testing, and then they'll be able to narrow it down from there.

Emotionally, it's an interesting place to be.  I feel such gratitude for everyone who has ever joined the registry, and I feel so thankful to whoever takes the time to go in to be tested - even if they don't match - as well as whoever does match...because there will be at least one!  Or so I believe.


I totally forgot to post these!  I cut Rhys' hair about a month ago.  Still working on growing it out from when she chopped it off.  It's been 8 months (?) since then.  Whew.  Who knew it could take so long to get back to a normal hairstyle?!

Rhys is the one on the table.  (Don't mind Violet's expression...hehe.)  Her hair had grown in enough that it needed another trim.

So, I gave crazy-won't-hold-still-at-all Rhys a bob.  Then I styled it.  I think it's adorable.

And, here are some pics of Rhys from church.  We don't actually go into the church building since a lot of people attend church when they are sick (a LOT of people!).  So, we just go and have a little lesson outside or in the van, and it still teaches that on Sunday we go to church!  hehe.

We love this picture of her! While she looks adorable with a little bob, it'll be fun to be able to grow it out again.

Her pink shoes were a nice touch.  :)  If only my lens was a bit more wide angle to have captured it in the first photo!

Here's a picture (taken with my phone) of three of the kids.  Violet would change her pose with each click of the camera.  It was really funny.

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