Friday, March 15, 2013


She's been swabbed!  Emma had her HLA typing (bone marrow typing) done when she was a baby.  But when the transplant doctor pulled up the registry to find matches, she emailed to let us know that Emma's HLA typing is "low resolution" (only matches 6/6).  We need to do it again and get a "high resolution" typing for her (matches 10/10).

We had some misunderstanding about how our insurance works, and so it ended up taking up longer to get the new testing done on Emma, but we did finally get it!  We gave the transplant doctor the go ahead, and she overnighted the swabbing kit to us.  Our local hematologist was willing to pull labs on Emma, or do the swabbing himself, but we didn't want to wait 4 weeks until our next appt.  So...that is why you see that I am doing her swabbing.  :)  They gave us the instructions (24 swabs!!), called and told me exactly how and what to do, and then included a prepaid mailing envelope to have it mailed directly to a lab and the testing done immediately...results then sent to them...and bone marrow match searched for.  The swabbing was sent in this Monday.

Where we are right now, I hope, is that they have received the results today (maybe?!!) and will be able to see if Emma has any bone marrow matches out there.  They thought we'd be able to hear back this week as to whether or not she has a match, and it's the last day of the week.  I definitely feel very anxious about it.  We'll update once we know the results.

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