Thursday, April 26, 2012

computer is fixed...

Yay!  Our computer is fixed.  Our brother-in-law is computer-repair-gifted and was able to switch out a thing on the computer so it'll start now.  He also showed the kids the inside of the computer and what certain parts where.  It made it all make a lot more sense.  They enjoyed it quite a bit.  (Thanks, Bob!)


I have decided that small children are really, in all actuality, insane.  You may disagree initially, but I'm sure after reading the following conversation you will side with me.  This is one of many, many...many, many, many similar conversations.  And, for this exercise, we're going to pretend like this conversation happened with adults because it expresses the insanity better:

Woman #1:  "Bla bla bla bla" (that means it was unintelligible speech, but she was saying it conversationally)

Woman #2:  "What did you say?"

Woman #1:  "Bla bla bla bla bla"  (still just as unintelligible)

Woman #2:  "No, I'm not!" totally offended.

Mom:  "No you're not?  Do you even know what she said?"

Woman #2:  "No, but she might have said I was five years old, and I'm not.  My brother is five years old!"

Man #1:  "Don't call me "brother" at the table!  If you do it again, I'll kick you in the face and make you smell my feet."  Woman #2 and Man #1 both start giggling.

Okay, so I don't really think they're insane.  But sometimes I think of the things they say, and the way they behave, and I wonder how different it would all be taken if the only thing that changed was their ages.  What if they were 21 years old while having this conversation?  Very amusing. 

(FYI: This was a conversation between Rhys & Violet.  Then Violet & TS.  And, TS really wouldn't kick her in the face, but he might make her smell his feet...)


Since the computer is fixed, obviously that means I need to post some photos:

This is my view of Ella when she is in the baby carrier.  She loves to be carried around in it. 

First time to attempt sitting on potty.  And first time to have her photo taken while sitting on potty.

Little mommy Emma:

And, this would be the reason we have child locks on our door.  Rhys is wearing my makeup.  Someone accidentally left my door open.  I noticed Rhys wasn't around and found her in my bathroom...
When Violet saw Rhys with the makeup, you could tell she was envious.  She told Rhys, "You look so beautiful."  Rhys also put some on her leg and arm.  Guess she takes after her mom!  (wait, did I just insult myself?  I learned that from my mom.)

LESSON TIME:  Every Sunday, we do a little church lesson.  I looked up from my papers just in time to see a storm trooper sit down for the lesson. 

He looked so serious.  Minus the big helmet on his head.

And, he was ready for battle with his little pea shooter.  I thought it went along well with the lesson, which I think had something to do with being kind to each other and following the Savior's example.
D'oh!  He got tapped on the head by a lightsaber before he could pull his gun from his pocket.  Wasn't quite the battle we were hoping for. 

Hey Happy BABY!!

Rhys is kind of sort of completely obsessed with vacuuming. 

Times are a-changing.  I don't have to worry so much about her sitting on Ella or walking by and kicking her in the head.  She is much more aware than she was when she was only 15 months old now.  That's because she's a whole 22 months old now. 

And, one day she will wean from the pacifier.  But that day is not today.


  1. Teresa - Can you send me list of little things your realtor recommended you do? We have a showing tomorrow and I can use all the help I can get in this market!!! Thanks!
    Nancy Ross :D

  2. My dear, in case I have never told you, and I am afraid that could be the are absolutely one of the most incredible, amazing human beans I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I will always remember when you first moved here, minus several children that now co-exist with you. I would so love to understand what makes you tick in such wonderful and talented and loving ways. Big hugs to you from not-so-far-away McKinney. Sometime when I am in your neighborhood I would love to come see your new house.
    P.S. there is NO reality show that can hold a candle to the one you live!