Saturday, April 21, 2012

visit with my sista

I was looking through our photos and realized I forgot to post these!  My sister came to visit with her five kids about a month ago-ish.  I have a lot of sisters, and this is the one just older than me.  It was a very quick visit (only a couple hours), but it was lots of fun to have her drop by.  I wish we could see each other more!  (as I wish with all my sisters...)

I'm sure it's totally unexpected I'd do this, but I took some photos while they were here.  Here are some when the kids were all jumping together.  The two little boys in the middle (TS and G-Dawg) are three months apart, TS being slightly younger.  Then the two girls, Emma & Hats.  Emma is 10 months older, but the top of her head probably only goes to Hats nose.  I sometimes forget how little she is until she's around kids her age. (And, no, those aren't their real names.  My sister is more private with stuff online, so I have made up some gangsta names for them.) 

BELOW:  This is about the height difference for Emma & Hats, just a touch off.  TS is quite a bit smaller than G-Dawg too.  TS is actually very little for his age...except his head which seems to rank a bit higher than average on the growth charts (hehe).  My kids all have proportionally large noggins except Violet.  I think it's cute and cartoonish.  They're like little lollipops, except they don't taste very good and they don't appreciate being licked.  TS is officially in size 4 now (about the time he turned five).

I like the progression.

I couldn't get a good photo of the two little girls.  Vi and Tab.  But, this was cute.  I'm pretty sure Vi was telling Tabs about her shoes.  Vi is such a girl when it comes to clothes and shoes.  I look forward to the day she can tell me what to wear...  But these little girls are so cute together!  

BELOW:  Here's another one of my sister's daughters.  She's the one sitting in front of Emma that you can barely see!  haha.  She is 13 months older than Emma. (I was wanting photos, but I didn't want to take a really long time to take them since I wanted to visit my sister and wasn't going to see her for very long...better ones next time, hopefully!)

It was so fun having them come.  The visit was waaaaaay too short.  We almost moved down to live by them, but in the end, things worked out differently.  Speaking of which, I suppose I should write that out sometime soon about Tyler's job.

But, until then, here is another photo: 

You may wonder (or you may not, especially if you have multiple small children) why he is outside jumping on the trampoline naked.  I mean, WHERE IS HIS MOTHER?!  I asked myself the same thing.  Okay, not really.  I knew where I was.  This is how it went:

TS:  "Mom, can I go outside and play in the backyard?"  He was fully clothed when he asked me.
ME:  It had just rained and was muddy.  "If you only stay on the trampoline, you can go play."
TS:  "Okay, I will."
ME:  I watched him go outside & then sat at the kitchen table to keep an eye out through the back door.  His sisters followed him.  Rhys needed help getting outside, so I got her ready.  A few minutes later I was back & walking Rhys out just in time to see TS pulling off the last of his clothes.  My thought process was something like, "What the crap?!"  And then I got my camera.  Then I asked him, "Why are you naked?"
TS:  "I didn't want my clothes to get wet."  (The trampoline was wet.)

See, it all makes sense now.  He was being considerate.  Sort of.  (I wouldn't consider the position he was in, in the photo below, to be all that considerate.  He was looking very closely at a tiny bug.)

Sorry, neighbors, if you saw him jumping in the nude.  Actually, no, I'm not sorry.  Our next door neighbors were the sort where the mom would probably walk outside in the nude.  I mean, she was such a floozy!  (haha...just had to say that since I know they read our blog...hehe.  You guys need to come move over here!)

More photos soon...

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