Monday, April 16, 2012

walking the dogs

Uncle Rob (my sister's hubby) enjoys taking the kids on walks with their two dogs.  He lets the kids hold the leashes and walk the dogs.  It's really quite adorable.  When we were in the process of settling, right after moving, he came over to help entertain the kids.  I went so Rhys could go (she likes to randomly dart into the road or wherever her little heart decides).  We had been busy working/cleaning all day, so it was a nice break!  Here are some photos of our walk. 

TS walking Rhiannon (sp?), and Emma is walking Tennant (sp?) in the background:

Splashing in puddles.  It always reminds me of Nina!  (She was our little friend who passed away from FA):

Violet is wearing the little girl version of "baby legs", but they shrunk in the wash or something.  They used to go from ankle to top of thigh - looked like leggings.  Not so much anymore....

(next three photos - courtesy of Rob)
Here we were reenacting parts of pioneer treks across the plains.  Or not. It was a long walk, across many states.

Isn't she so such a cute dog?  (The dog, not Emma. Though, Emma is cute too!)

Rhys got stuck staring at whatever it was.  She thought it was very exciting.  She did this for most of the walk it seemed (and, yes, I realize her shoes don't match...we were limited on shoes/clothes):

Kids talking while Rob got Rhys set up to walk Rhiannon:

Walking a dog FIRST TIME EVER:

sooooo cute:

heading home:

Love this photo:

They really like their Uncle Rob (it's so hard not to type Uncle Bob...he doesn't go by Bob, but it's fun to call him that).  Thanks for taking them on walks & being an awesome uncle!

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