Thursday, April 12, 2012

there's a loss in every move

You know how moves can cause the breakage of many items?  A friend's family just moved, and they had a ton of stuff broken.  Of course, they were traveling over 30 hours.  We traveled about 1 minute.  

Luckily not a lot was broken.  So far I've only found one plate that broke into pieces.  Everything else was fine.  And, actually, the item I'm about to show you wasn't actually broken with the moving, but it did break when I was cleaning up toys that were being played with that weren't technically unpacked yet.  So, I'm still including it with the move, though it's not really.

See this porcelain doll?

Notice anything missing?

I was tossing toys in their bins to clean up and accidentally missed and knocked Bell off the top of the stairs (she was sitting on the ledge). 

When Emma brought her to me, she had been a little bit broken:

Yeah, her arms fell off.

They were broken off too.  Not really any way to put them back on.  Though, there is always duct tape...

It was the cause of much laughter, though it doesn't seem as funny as I write this.

Glad that was the only thing that broke from the move (even though it didn't break from the move).  


While the kids have done pretty well with the move, Rhys has struggled a bit.  She's been cutting a couple teeth, so the timing is bad for her.  She has been having extreme mood swing - happy and playing to screaming and crying.  Here I was taking pics of Violet (the ones below) and Rhys went from happy to crying in the blink of an eye.  Luckily she seems to be feeling better (along with trying to hold her as much as possible) and she is feeling much happier.

Violet was a little bit on the dramatic side too.  Here she is "stuck" on the toy:

This was supposed to be a happy shot until a sudden mood change (don't you just want to hug her?!  I do!):

And, here IS a happy shot:

They were jumping on the trampoline in the rain.  

And, here is TS comforting Violet who had gotten upset at Emma.  It was very sweet.  (Don't mind TS' hair.  I know it looks kinda awful!  He really needs it cut...or brushed.  At least it gets washed!).

This was back at the old house.  TS was emptying the dishwasher.  He went and put his headband on because he was getting sweaty from all the work...of emptying the bottom part of the dishwasher...which he only had to empty a few plates and silverware.  hehe.

And, he decided to help me pack.  This was how he packed a box completely on his own.  SO CUTE:

He was very, very proud of himself for doing that himself.  It looked much funnier in real life.  It made me laugh pretty good.  Little kids are so cute.  The way they think about things cracks me up.

Anyway, we are settling well.  So glad the kids are winding down and settling back into their more normal selves, especially Rhys.  Though tonight and last night, she is doing her thing where she won't go to sleep for forever!  I think she might be teething again.  It makes for exhausting nights...and days.  But, it's a relief to have her mood improving.  When they are all grumpy, it makes for a bit more stressful days.  It helps when they get to bed on time!

Some have asked about Tyler's job.  I'll try to write about that soon.  I should go...more pics to come later.

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