Saturday, April 14, 2012

ella at six months

Ella is already six months old!  How does this happen?!  She is such a fun little baby.  So sparkly and sweet and full of smiles and squeals.  She likes to have smiling competitions with me.  She'll smile, I'll smile.  It'll make her smile more, which then makes me smile more.  Then somehow she still manages to smile bigger, and then I explode.

She has mad rolling skills.  She'll roll back and forth and wiggle around the room.  I'm not sure she's quite scooting yet, but she gets around pretty well.

See, look at her smile!  I just want to EAT HER!  (of course, not literally...)

Even her armpit is cute!

While caught in mid-blink, I still think it's very sweet.  Then she started crying...

I need to get a photo, but she has this funny "skill" that whenever I hand her something, as she reaches to take it, she simultaneously pops her legs up in the air (45 degree angle or so...haha), stick straight, and stuck together.  Sometimes I'll hand her stuff just to see her legs pop up stick straight.  hehe.  It's so funny.  I don't remember our other kids doing that.

She's handling the move pretty well.  For the first several days, when I was leaving regularly to finish up at the old house, she was watched by my sister.  She did okay, and loved her auntie, but definitely wanted her momma.  So, many times I didn't leave unless she was sleeping, which also meant many late nights cleaning over there.  We're all glad that part is over!  It's much less exhausting now.

I still have more photos awaiting posting.  I'll do that soon.  Apparently the next couple days are supposed to be full of storms.  Hopefully we won't die in tornadoes.  A week ago-ish, there were at least 17 tornadoes in our area but no fatalities.  So, fingers crossed tornadoes stay away.

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  1. she is sooooooooooooooo cute! =)