Saturday, June 30, 2012



The kids were snuggled in bed, and I was laying by them to help them settle and go to sleep.  They were each telling me about things they were thinking about.  It's actually one of my favorite times of day.  This is usually when they say some of the funniest things.  Here are a few quotes from this week.

Quote 1:
TS to Me:  "Mom, I really want a race car."
Vi to TS:  "I really want you to be a girl."
(It kind of came across like "well, we can't all have what we want, can we?" which made me burst out laughing.)

Quote 2:
Vi:  "Mom, will I turn into a baby if I touch your boob?"
(Wouldn't that be a neat trick?)

Vi:  "Mom, I think there are bad guys here when you talk about scary things."
Me:  (confused because I don't talk about scary things to her) "What type of scary things?"
Vi:  "Tigers."  Thinks for a second.  "Um...yeah, tigers. Just tigers."
Me:  (I hadn't talked about tigers)  "Okay, that's good to know."
(Not sure that came across as funny as it was!)


We froze some toys and used squirt guns to get them free.  The kids loved it:

We started out by taking the bowl, with the frozen stuff in it, outside:
They poked around on it for a little bit, finding it quite interesting.

We flipped it over in the bowl, and contrary to what we thought, the ice didn't immediately melt and plop the ice out of the bowl (it gets a little hot here):

Instead of waiting five minutes for it to melt out, I ran it under warm water for a second and out it plopped.

The kids had fun trying to get the toys out.  They loved the squirt guns too.  I had totally expected them to start shooting each other, but they didn't.  They were too focused on their goal:

Meanwhile I notice Rhys is missing.  So, I turn to look at what it is she is actually doing:

As you can see, she is joyously squirting the baby in the face.

Don't worry.  I stopped her.  After I took a couple photos of it.

Then she started squirting the next best thing:

She seriously loved it.  It was so funny.  This was my favorite part of the activity.  Watching Rhys squirt herself in the face.  She was giggling so much.  She loved it.

That's water dripping (not snot):

Apparently she wasn't close enough before.  So, she gets even closer.  (I'm not sure it's possible to get closer than that...)

She did briefly go back to squirting the baby, but Ella was not amused, so she stopped again.

All in all, it was a fun activity.  In the end, we did have a couple broken squirt guns, but the pack came with a lot of extras, so it was no problem.  And, of course, they annoyingly ran out of water!  But it was fun.  The kids love their new little treasures.


Their journals arrived in the mail.  Here's the before:

And, here are the afters:

The kids chose what paper they wanted for their journal.  (I didn't really write "Emma Emma" or "Tyler Tyler".  I had their middle names too, but for privacy sake, I edited the photos with photoshop & changed and/or erased their middles names off the photos because I'm paranoid like that now when posting something public.)  :-)

I used photoshop to create them and then printed them out and glued/or taped them on.  They LOVE them.  They were so excited when they saw them.  Every Sunday we're planning to write in them.  We'll see how that goes.  Hopefully we'll be successful.  I think journal writing is so important.  I often think I'll remember all the little things, but then years later, the only thing that helps me remember all those "little things" is the fact it's written in journals (or our blog).


Remember when I mentioned  One day these little eye glasses straws were for sale for over 50% off.  So, I decided to buy some for the kids.  They don't fit little kids very well, so I tried helped to hold them in place by using ribbon to hold it tight.  It worked pretty good for some, but not so much for others.  And, it made for such cute pictures!

Rhys was soooooooo cute.  I could hardly stand it:

You can see a little flashlight on Emma's finger.  The was the other thing that came from the same website for super cheap, and the kids loved it.

Violet had the most difficultly keeping them on her head.  I think it's because her head is the most proportional to her body (the other kids are all lollipop heads with their heads being a much higher percentage, size-wise, than their length/weight), which in the end, might give her a smaller head than Rhys.  I'm not sure, though.  It's at least close in size:

Not having the best of luck!  But she wins points for trying!  :-)

TS looked really cute, too, but he was done by the time I got the camera out and wasn't interested in putting them back on.

It was a fun week.  Oh, minus the stomach virus.  It's lasted five days each, and it has been passing along slowly!  At least it's not one of the super severe ones (no puking, thank goodness).  The lone survivor got it yesterday, so currently four still have it.  Only four more days and hopefully we'll be all done.


  1. Your kids make me laugh!!!
    They say the funniest things - and Rhys squirting poor Ella!!
    I got funny looks from Paul and the kids, because I burst out laughing!!!

  2. those journals turned out great! and those straw glasses are adorable!!! great photos again! you've got such sweet little kiddos! =) cheryl

  3. OK, I'm trying not to laugh too loudly, because I'm at work. But that picture of Rhys squirting Ella is too much! Just de-lurking to let you know! Thanks for sharing!