Saturday, June 9, 2012

crawling lessons

(this is a dramatization of actual events.)

(the narration is really stupid.) 

(and, I don't know why I'm writing it like this) 

The other day, all the kids decided to help teach Ella to crawl. 

TS tried a few different versions of the crawl to see if any interested Ella.  "Here's the split crawl," he explained.

"Or you can do the hopping crawl, like this."

Ella, clearly not interested, refused to even look in his general direction:

Violet's turn.  "How about crawling like this with your leg above your head?  You can't get very far very fast, but you get to have your leg above your head."

Ella's inner ninja broke free for a few seconds at the ridiculousness of Violet's idea, as she thought, "Whaaat?!"

Seeing that Ella was having a hard time keeping her ninja super power under control, Rhys tried to comfort her.  "Yes, your siblings are insane, and I'm wearing no pants."

"And, look, I'm wearing red shoes.  I put them on the wrong feet to try to trick people into thinking I was born with my feet attached to the wrong leg."

 Feeling inspired and empowered by Rhys' pep talk, Ella pulled her clumsy little baby legs under her.

The weight of her diaper was almost too much (I mean seriously!  Does her mother ever change her diaper?!)

But, no, Ella could only flop back down on her belly.

Knowing what this would mean, Emma lost the will to live for a brief moment.  Either that or she just needed a quick nap or something.  I'm not sure.

Failing to learn to crawl in time, Ella looked on as her herd of siblings moved along without her, trying to find a new water hole, so they can survive.

End of dramatized version.

The actual version is they were all playing in the hallway, and the kids would stop and try to teach her to crawl.  She was very intent in watching them.  It was so cute.


  1. Why did you end the story? Did they successfully find a new waterhole? Were they attacked by an meat eaters? Your little dinosaurs are so cute and Ella makes the best expressions. I love her little face!

    1. I agree...why did you stop?? It clearly can not be the end!!!
      Susan du Plooy

    2. Sorry to leave you hanging guys! I guess I'll have to do a part 2. Maybe. :-) I'm sure the suspense is just SUPER overwhelming.